Thursday, 25 June 2015

Dan - Where Have All The Children Gone? Lp - 1987

First full length from UK band Dan. Nice and catchy.

Side A:
01 - Ploppy's Revenge
02 - Deliverer
03 - Into The Field(New Version)
04 - Conversation
05 - Cut The Cord
06 - Possession

Side B:
07 - Pressure Point
08 - The Cull
09 - Lust Is Greed
10 - Office Boys + Catz
11 - I Think I Should
12 - Wall Of Fear

Find the children here:
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Meantime Records.

Rubella Ballet - 42°F 12" - 1984

Rubella Ballet, like a burst of fluorescent colour in a sea of black...

01 - 42°F
02 - Slant And Slide
03 - Blind Ambition


Disorder - Complete Disorder ep - 1981

Disorder formed in 1980 in Bristol. The original line-up was Steve Curtis (vocals), Steve Allen (guitar), Nick Peters (bass guitar), and Virus (drums), although Steve Robertson soon replaced Peters, and this line-up recorded the first two EP's by the band. The band sent a demo tape to local punk label Riot City Records, but the label opted not to sign them, and instead they formed their own Disorder Records label along with Heartbeat Records and Riot City boss Simon Edwards. A series of events led to line-up changes: Robertson split up with girlfriend Beki Bondage (of Vice Squad) and began glue-sniffing. Virus got into trouble with the police over the ownership of his new drumkit, and Dean also left, later to be employed as a toilet cleaner in Taunton. He was replaced by Taf (Phil Lovering, formerly of The X-Certs), who took over bass guitar duties. Taf would be the only constant member of the band in the years that followed, which saw an ever-changing line-up. Disorder were part of the "protest punk" movement, and were one of the bands that spearheaded the Bristol punk scene in the early 1980s. The BBC DJ John Peel described their early singles as sounding like like Triumph Bonneville motorbikes. (Wiki)

01 - Today's World
02 - Violent Crime
03 - Complete Disorder
04 - Insane Youth

Disorder Records.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Upright Citizens - Make The Future Mine And Yours LP - 2014-RE

This finally got the Re issue treatment it so badly needed.
Essential German punk and one of the best bands to ever hail from the German scene.

Side A:
01 - Attack
02 - Yellow Press
03 - Long Songs
04 - Now Or Never
05 - Feel My Fate
06 - Pseudo Punk
07 - You Make Me Sick
08 - No Tears For Yesterday

Side B:
09 - Ground Zero
10 - Swastika Ratss
11 - Government Wins
12 - The End
13 - Never Say Goodbye
14 - Hated
15 - What Are We Gonna Do Now?

You should still be able to find these online or at Discogs, I highly recommend getting them while you can.

Classic German punk can be found here:
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Deviated Instinct - Welcome To The Orgy ep - 1987

Their best release in my opinion.

01 - Scarecrow
02 - Cancer Spreading
03 - Disciples Of The Storm
04 - Despair


Dead Mans Shadow - Another Year ep - 1983

Their last 7 inch record before their final Lp "To Mohammed A Mountain". I've posted their other ep's in the past except for the "Neighbours" ep which I don't have in my collection.

01 - Another Year
02 - One Man's Crusade (Pilgers Theme)

Criminal Damage.

Tank - Turn Your Head Around 7" - 1982

Classic UK Heavy Metal circa 1982.

01 - Turn Your Head Around
02 - Steppin' On A Landmine

Kamaflage Records.

Makabert Fynd - Ondskans Natur LP - 2009

First full length from this Hardcore punk band from Stockholm, Sweden. It's a raging D-Beat assault.

Side A:
01 - Dom Kastar Vara Pengar
02 - Sofo
03 - Kontrollfreaks
04 - Kamma Dig
05 - Varsel
06 - Dum I Huvet(Dold Folksjukdom)
07 - Ondskans Natur
08 - Stofil

Side B:
09 - Du Är Sa Jävla Macho
10 - Ondskans Flint
11 - Direktörerna
12 - Vilka Jävla Arslen
13 - Var Fan E Er Respekt
14 - Regelvärk
15 - Blod

Grab it here:
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Yellow Dog Records

VA - World Burns To Death / Blowback - Split ep - 2009

Another WBTD split with another Japanese thrasher.

01 - World Burns To Death - Here A Dream Dies Every Day
02 - Blowback - Fuck Fuck Fuck
03 - Blowback - I Make Up My Mind

HG Fact

Crass - Demos 1977-79 LP - 2007 Bootleg

As we the previous post grab this while you can before the lawyers start circling.

Side A:
Heart Throb Of The Mortuary
I Can't Stand It
Do They Owe Us A Living?
Who's Side Are You On ?
Angela Rippon
End Result
G's Song
General Bacardi
Punk Is Dead

Side B:
G's Song
Count In
Mother Earth
Fight War Not Wars / They've Got A Bomb
Shaved Women

Are we traitors? Grab it now...
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Antisect - In Darkness There Is No Choice Lp - 1983

What I would consider to be one of the top ten Anarcho-Punk records of all time.
I'd suggest getting this why you can as I don't expect this to be on the blog for long.

Side A:
They (The Eternal Myth And Paradox)
The World's Biggest Runt
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Channel Zero (Reality)
Yet They Still Ignore

Side B:
Tortured And Abused
Education Or Indoctrination
In Darkness
Hallo There....How's Life?
The Buck Stops Here

Quick, get it while you can....
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Spiderleg Records

Friday, 19 June 2015

Gastunk - Under The Sun Lp - 1987

Second Gastunk album release in Japan on Vice and in the US on Pusmort.

Powerful record which see's Gastunk heading in a more Rock direction with a heavy influence from The Cult.

Side A:
01 - Baruth
02 - Smash The Wall
03 - Leather Ship
04 - Running To The Sun

Side B:
05 - Wild Times
06 - Breeze Calls
07 - Husk
08 - Regina

Run to the sun here:
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