Monday, 25 June 2007

Anthrax - They've Got It All Wrong ep 1983 Small Wonder Records

Awesome ep from this very underated UK Anarcho Punk band.

01 - P.P.B.
02 - Got It All Wrong
03 - Exploitation
04 - What Will Tomorrow Bring?

The Fits - Tears Of A Nation ep 1983 Corpus Christi

A fucking classic. This would have to be The Fits crowning moment. Released by Crass on their Corpus Christi label.

01 - Tears Of A Nation
02 - Bravado
03 - Breaking Point

Anti-System - Defence Of The Realm ep

Classic UK Anarcho Punk. Their first ep.

01 - Animal Welfare
02 - No Longer To Choose
03 - Service-1000 Rifles
04 - Government Lies
05 - Bomb Threat

S.V.S - Hell Near ep 1986 Selfish Records

Classic 80's Japanese Punk. I don't know much about these guys and I think the name stood for "Sex Violence Society". It doesn't matter this is a cool ep.

01 - Automatic
02 - Love Song II
03 - Hell-Near
04 - Frontline

Crow - The Beating Of The Wings Of Destruction 12" 2007

This is a crushing Japan only release on Crow Records. Only 1000 were made and Prank managed to get a few 100 copies in but they sold out fast. This is ripped as two tracks, side A and side B. The B side has 4 tracks but it's way too difficult to seperate them. This is a fucking amazing release. Enjoy.

1: Hametsu No Haoto (The Beating Of The Wings of
2: Tomurai No Kane (Funeral Bell)
3: Inori Noroi (Malediction)
4: Sasayaku Kagami (Whispering Mirror)
5: Last Chaos


Sunday, 24 June 2007

Crow - A Sacrifice For The Vicious Dominant And Bloodsheded Justice ep

A tour only release from Prank records for Japanese masters Crow. Crow have been around since the mid 80's and their releases are very hard to find but are well worth the effort. This was the follow up to their "Bloody Tear" LP, which was released by Prank Records and should be resonable easy to find.

01 - Destroy, The Twisted Justice
02 - Destroy, The Miserable Dominant

Defector - Punk System Destroy ep 2003

Raucous Japanese punk on the Crust War Label. I think this has been done elsewhere but fuck it I'm gonna release it again. Essential Japanese Punk...

01 - Punk System Destroy
02 - Attack To The Arse
03 - No Control
04 - Society Distort/Lunatic Annihilation

Thursday, 21 June 2007

VA - Pusmort Sampler ep 1987 + Bonus Flexi's

Wicked compilation ep from Pushead circa 1987. Final Conflict and Negative Gain both had full LP's on Pushead's label and Final Conflict continued to release stuff with him on his Bacteria Sour label years later. This ep came with two bonus flexi disc's. The first was an all Japanese affair and was more intense than the American bands. The second flexi is a short burst from "Attitude Adjustment" that was put out with "Thrasher" magazine. Overall it's a raging little collection of tracks from some of the best bands of the time. Enjoy.

01 - Septic Death - Insanity
02 - Fratricide - Going Under
03 - Corruption Of Peace - Bleeding Children
04 - Final Conflict - Constant Fear
05 - Negative Gain - No Life At All
06 - Ghoul - Jerusalem

01 - Outo - Free Man
02 - Ghoul Squad - Necro Doll
03 - S.O.B - Slap In The Face
04 - Attitude Adjustment - Destruction End

Nightmare - Footprints Of The Wind ep 1999

I like Nightmare and they have been around for a long time. This ep is wicked, the crazy ass Saxophone brings memories of Colored Rice Men to the foreground. Great stuff, the only downside would have to be the shit cover art!!

01 - Under The Dark Sky
02 - No Need For Memories
03 - Boudou (Rise A Riot In Your Heart)

Blood Sucker Records 1999

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Outo - No Way Out ep

What more needs to be said about Outo? Crushing Japanese Punk at it's best. I love this record so much we named our record shop after it. Fuck yeah!!

01 - No Way Out
02 - Fall Down
03 - Never Win

The Vectors - Fuck MTV ep 1996

I love this ep and I think it's the best Vectors record to hear. Dirty guitar driven Punk Rock out of Sweden before it became as popular as it is now with such bands as Regulations, The Lost Patrol Band and The Vicious. They all take their influences from pioneers like Black Flag, Fear or The Germs. It's something a little different anyway, enjoy.

01 - Fuck MTV
02 - I Wanna Be With The C.I.A
03 - Take Your Cancer Like A Man
04 - Touched By The Hand Of God


E.N.T. K.L.F. - 3 A.M. Eternal 1991

I'm going to post this purely for the novelty value more than the fact that it's a great record. I've also included the video performance of the Brit Awards show.

01 - 3 A.M. Eternal

Live at the Brit Awards Video
(Right click and save target as)

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

So What - Murder ep 1989

I don't really know too much about this band and apart from seeing them on a compilation Lp that Vinyl Japan put out this is the only other thing I've heard. It's not too bad either, a little like a cleaner version of Gauze. There's some nice guitar work and overall it's a solid record but there are far superior releases on Selfish than this. I'll upload some Poison, Outo, Gauze and Lip Cream and you will see what I mean.

01 - Terror
02 - Go Straight On
03 - Let's Living All Peace
04 - Sick
05 - Judgement
06 - Grass High

Selfish Records 1989

Ghoul - Oi Oi Flexi 1985

This is a one sided flexi from Ghoul released in 1985 but what a fucking song!! You can definately hear the U.K influence on this which was very prominent with a lot of the Japanese bands in the mid 80's. A classic. Enjoy.

01 - Oi Oi

From Ashes Rise - Fragments Of A Fallen Sky ep 1997

This is the first 7 inch from the mighty From Ashes Rise and it's noticably more thrashier than their latter studio output. It's a good ep but it's nowhere near the masterpiece that "Nightmares" is.

01 - Haunted Conscience
02 - All Too Willing Target
03 - Driven To
04 - Product Of Lust
05 - Drawing Circles
06 - Fragments

Rippikoulu - Musta Seremonia Demo 1993

This is one of my favorite Death Metal demo's and on listening to this again I had to add this here. Rippikoulu were a Finnish band around during the 90's and their style was different to the endless barrage of generic Death Metal that was flooding the scene at this time. They brought elements of Doom and Gothic atmosphere to a genre in dire need of a breathe of fresh air. Well worth the download and it still stands up today.
In 1995 one Rippikoulu band member died, and with him the whole band. The guitarist of the band, Marko Henriksson died 01.01.1995.

Friday, 15 June 2007

VA - Got Drunk More Fuckkk ep

This is a cool record and features a few of the newish Japanese Thrash bands such as The Futures and Argue Damnation. The other point to note is it's a Dead Kennedys Tribute ep!!! It may be hard to recognize some of the tracks but it's a fun record never the least. My favorite would be Razors Edge and their killer take on a classic.

Released in 2002?

01 - The Futures - Halloween
02 - Argue Damnation - Kepone Factory
03 - Paluka - Let's Lynch The Landlord
04 - More Noise For Life - Nazi Punks Fuck Off
05 - Razors Edge - Holiday In Cambodia

2002 Skinny Dip Records

S.O.B - European Tour ep 1989

Well this is probably one of the least known of S.O.B's official releases. Recorded on their 1989 Tour of Europe with Napalm Death in London and Salisbury. The recording's are quite bad but do give an honest representation of this once mighty band. This was released by S.O.B vocalist and main driving force Tottsuan (R.I.P) on his Sounds Of Burial label. I think later S.O.B seriously lost any direction and sadly ended up as generic death metal. The 1989 tour also saw them record the "Thrash Night" ep on Lee Dorians Rise Above label and it's my opinion that this was their crowning moment. More a post for the obscurity value than anything else.

01 - Humanity Of Stupidity
02 - No Control
03 - Nightmare
04 - Repeat At Length
05 - S.O.B
06 - Raging In Hell
07 - Suck Ya Brain-Fuck Ya Brain
08 - Fuck Or Die
09 - Thrash Night

1989 - Sounds Of Burial Records

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Septic Death - Burial ep 1987

The Burial ep was the first Pusmort 7" release - Pusmort 007-01. It was primarily a Japanese release with only about 300 copies being brought in to the USA and sold only through the Pusmort mailorder. "Insanity" also appears on the Pusmort Sampler 7 inch. Metallica's James Hetfield helps with backing vocals on "Insanity" and "Glue/Step". I could never understand why Pushead fails to keep the old Septic Death records in print but instead he leaves it to the will of the bootlegger to keep this band alive.

3-Forest Of The Megalomaniac

Violent Society / Brutal Truth - Split ep

A bit of a weird release from Relapse. Two bands from each end of the spectrum doing M.D.C covers. I think this was released in 1999, I could be wrong. The Brutal truth track is a killer.

1. Violent Society - Henrykissmyassinger.I Remember.My Family Is A Little Weird
2. Brutal Truth - Born To Die

Aghast - 9 Track Demo CD-R 2003

Well let's kick off this blog with some stripped down D-Beat thrash from Aghast. This is their CD-R Demo from 2003 and it's one crazy barrage of distortion. They just put out an LP called "Deformities" on Agipunk, it's limited to 1000 so track it down quick. Before the LP they had released two ep's.

Check it out for pure D-Beat Raw Punk!!
One of the better bands in this genre from the USA.

1. Weapons of Mass Deception
2. Corruption
3. Trenches
4. Displaced
5. Waste
6. System Collapsed

7. Burned Alive
8. Rage
9. War Horror