Monday, 30 July 2007

S.O.B - Leave Me Alone 12 inch 1986

S.O.B at their most devastating. You can't mention "Grind" without laying some of the foundation work at the feet of S.O.B.....
This record is one blasting track after another and is one of the stand out releases on the most impressive Selfish Records. Originally released as a 7 inch. Enjoy!!

01 - Not Me
02 - Give Me Advice
03 - Fat Women
04 - SDI & ADM
05 - Knock Out
06 - Sudden Rise Of Desire
07 - Leave Me Alone
08 - Slap In The Face
09 - Thrash Night (Freak Out)

Selfish Records.

S.O.B - Osaka Mon Amour ep

Bootleg ep from Osaka's Sons of noise. Side A was recorded in 1986 and Side B in 1988. Vintage S.O.B.

01 - Revival
02 - I'm A Dreamer
03 - Last Real Fight
04 - Soft Spoken
05 - Mental Attitude
06 - Humanity Of Stupids
07 - Nightmare
08 - Trap
09 - Sacrifice Of Devour Bones
10 - No Control
11 - Blitzkrieg Bop
12 - Slap In The Face

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Alternative - If They Treat You Like Shit Act Like Manure LP 1984

The hard to find full length from Scotland's Alternative. Another fantastic record that should be re-issued.
Please excuse the pops and static I've owned this LP for over 20 years and it's been played a fair bit.

01 - Another Subversive Peace Song
02 - Seen Through Tear Filled Eyes
03 - Mannequin
04 - Now I Realize
05 - How Many Times Sold
06 - Love And Life
07 - If You've Got It......Don't
08 - Till Death Do Us Part
09 - Death Isn't So Sweet
10 - Caroline's Carnival
11 - Suffer In Silence
12 - Struggling Through The Darkness
13 - Ireland (Live at The Wine Bar, Vauxhall)
14 - Where Are Your Hiroshimas
15 - Outro

Corpus Christi

Alternative - In Nomine Patri ep 1982

Anarchist punk from Scotland. An amazing ep put out on Crass Records in the early 80's.

01 - Anti Christ
02 - Warfear
03 - Who's Sussed?
04 - Moral Bondage

Crass Records

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Skit System - Profithysteri ep 1995

The mighty Skit System's debut ep and what a fucking scorcher it is. You know the history behind this band so I won't bore you with that. Just download this and play it at unhealthy levels on your stereo with the bass cranked full bore!!!

01 - Profithysteri
02 - Maktens Murar Rasar
03 - Revolt (Asocial)
04 - Human Waste
05 - Alla Javlar Ljuger
06 - Nar Ska Ni Fatta

Distortion Records

Last Bomb - Last Bomb 12 inch 1987

Snotty Punk from Japan, very much under the influence of Chaos UK and the Exploited. Another quality release from Selfish Records. Enjoy.

01 - Is This An Ideal Life
02 - 1999
03 - Distinguish
04 - Distinction Of Motorcycles
05 - Big City
06 - Daily Life
07 - Vomit

Selfish Records

Kolokol - Tilbake til Start ep 2003

Debut EP consisting of songs dating back from the early incarnations of KOLOKOL. Songs like "Dødsdans" and "Etter oss" were actually written way back in 1995! "Ny tid truer" and "Unntak og regel" are the newest songs on the EP. These were written in 1997/98.
These guys bust out some really cool punk rock with some great musicianship. I just love the raw vocals over such polished sounds. Oh yeah they hail fron Oslo, Norway!

01 - Ny Tid Truer
02 - Dodsdans
03 - Unntak Og Regel
04 - Solgt
05 - Etter Oss
06 - Til Hundene
Sjakk Matt Plater

Krigshot - Terroristattack ep 1997

A blistering D_Beat assault from Sweden's Krigshot. An early release from them on Sound Pollution Records in America. Krigshot lay waste to all with this ep and I think this is some of their best stuff, striped down fast thrash!! Features some of those famous Swedes from all those other Swedish bands we all love.....

01 - Det Oandliga Sokandet
02 - Styrd Av Overheten
03 - Lognare
04 - Lat Dom Kanna
05 - Hiroshima
06 - Terroristattack
07 - Misslyckade As

Sound Pollution

Anthrax - Capitalism Is Cannibalism ep 1982

Debut 7 inch from this awesome UK anarcho Punk band, released on Crass Records in 1982 and still stands up after all these years. I'm going to post a lot more of this old UK Peace punk stuff, it's what I grew up on both musically and politically. Sadly most "punk" bands these days lack anywhere near the impact these bands had on me in the 80's.

01 - Capitalism Is Cannibalism
02 - Violence Is Violence
03 - Prime To Pension
04 - All Things Bright And Beautiful

Crass Records

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Colored Ricemen - [wan] CD 2001

Earlier release this time. Still the same Rocking Japanese Hardcore with the Saxophone going flat tack, oh Yeah!!! Features Butcher ex-Outo on Vocals.

01 - Anno Domini
02 - Not War, My War
03 - Glass Castle Fiction
04 - Social Heresy
05 - Atomic Age
06 - Give Up For Lost (And Then)
07 - Ash
08 - Seek Freedom
09 - The One (Of Them)

Blood Sucker Records

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Colored Ricemen - Jealousy Wars CD 2002

Crazy Japanese Punk/Hardcore from ex-members of Outo and Lip Cream. Think those two bands but with a more rocking edge to it, now add mad as fuck Saxophone over the entire process and there you have Colored Ricemen. This is from 2002 and I think it's still available but your going to have to do some digging.

01 - Cheat Chemistry
02 - More More Motivation
03 - Cheap Ideal
04 - Jealousy Wars
05 - C-3
06 - Janglish Circle
07 - Keep Rolling
08 - Cycle
09 - Good Time Good Beer

Blood Sucker Records.

Doom - Monarchy Zoo ep 1995

Doom on one of their final recordings. The title track is a stunner but I think they had lost their impact and power by now and ended up putting out a couple of mediocre releases like the sub-par "World Of Shit" LP. Don't get me wrong this is a good ep but it far from Doom at their best. In fact this has more of a Chaos UK feel to it than Doom.

01 - Monarchy Zoo
02 - Raining Napalm
03 - Want Not Need
04 - Dig Your Grave
05 - Doomed

Vinyl Japan.

Doom / Hiatus - "Lost The Fight" Split ep 1993

Doom team up with Belgian legends "Hiatus" for a great ep. They cover a track of each others and lay waste to a few originals. Doom have the great "Scandinavian Doorbreaker" which is a riot a minute. Enjoy.

01 - Doom - Choice
02 - Doom - Believer Consciousness
03 - Doom- Scandinavian Doorbreaker
04 - Doom - Lost The Fight
05 - Hiatus - Disarm The Bastards
06 - Hiatus - Relief Pt. IV
07 - Hiatus - Blood Shot

Flat Earth Records

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Doom - Hail To Sweden ep

We all know about the mighty Doom and we've probably heard all their stuff and know the sound right? That's probably why after "Police Bastard" this is my favorite Doom record. Here they are paying tribute to some of the best Swedish bands of all time. I think the line up on this ep was Doom at their best. Crushing!!!

01 - A Look At Tomorrow (Discard)
02 - Stop The Slaughter (Mob 47)
03 - Fucking System (Crudity)
04 - En Rost For Fred (Agoni)
05 - Law Of Evil (Rojers)
06 - War Machine (Anti Cimex)

Pandoras Box

Upright Citizens - Facts And Views ep 1985

Upright Citizens were a German Punk band who put out some amazing records including the classic "Open Eyes, Open Ears, A Brain To Think And A Mouth To Speak" on Better Youth Organization. Crushing melodies and catchy vocals made this band stand head and shoulders above the rest. This ep has the brilliant "Swastika Ratss" on it, one of the best Punk songs of all time. It's a real shame that this stuff hasn't been probably re-issued as I'm sure a lot of people would like them today. Enjoy, I know I do.

01 - Dead Blood
02 - Future Dreams
03 - Bombs Of Peace
04 - Swastika Ratss
05 - Right Way

Skvaller Records

Victims - Harder Than It Was Meant To Be ep 1997

The first ep from Swedens Victims and by far their best stuff. Crushing D-Beat with awesome production. It's a shame their last LP "Divide and Conquer" was such a boring record compared to this gem.

01 - Mary Go Round
02 - Vision Of Hell
03 - Alive By Force
04 - Carusell Of Pain
05 - Victims In Blood
06 - This Fear
07 - Another Link In The Chain
08 - Starving For Gain

Yellow Dog Records

Rattus - Rajoitettu Ydinsota ep 1981

Rattus were my favorite punk band to emerge from Finland. This is an early ep and it's a scorcher. Very much in the Raw Punk vein of early Discharge and Skitlickers. They were very under rated but were an awesome band. There are a few discography CD's still in print so try and track some down you won't be disapointed.

01 - Sodan Tragedia
02 - Rajoitettu Ydinsota
03 - Keppia Ronadille
04 - Muotinatsit

Bunker Rec

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Grief - Grief ep 1992

My favorite Grief record, stark, dismal Hardcore. Their weren't too many bands around doing this stuff in 1992. For a full run down on this band check out this site here.

01 - Depression
02 - Virus
03 - Thorazine
04 - Fleshpress
05 - The Drone

Grievance Records.

Deunga - No Submission, No Penance, No Repentance And No Fucking Shit - CDR 2004

Crushing Swedish D-Beat Crust, I think this was their only release but it's a killer.

01 - Panopticon
02 - We're Not Dying
03 - Agren Is Life
04 - No More Cops
05 - Rock At Svinen
06 - Skitgubbsamhallet
07 - Kaka Sopor

Second edition. Tour edition, 78 copies.

Halvkass/Dampkids on LSD

Monday, 2 July 2007

Kegcharge - Kegcharge Demo CDR

Side project D-Beat mayhem from some of the members of "World Burns To Death". No frills D-Beat Raw Punk at it's best, in the vein of "Dissystema, Decontrol or Skeleton. This is way better than their LP "Sadistic War Glory" released by Hardcore Holocaust in 2004.

01 - Intro - Blood Mix Oil
02 - God Where Are You?
03 - Denouement
04 - Dying For Who?
05 - Medal Of Honor
06 - God Bless Amerikkka
07 - Thorax Lacerated By Tripwire
08 - Fight Back

Personkrets 3:1 - Kampen mot livet CDR 2003

Early CDR release by this Swedish Crust band from Umea. Dark, Gloomy, every thing you could hope for. If you get the chance grab their releases on vinyl, most of the stuff is still available.

01 - Intro
02 - Kampen Mot Livet
03 - Blind Eller Dum?
04 - Den Enda Vagen Ut
05 - Dodsorsak: Ensamhet
06 - Empty
07 - Socialfobi
08 - Outro

Halvkass Produktion.

Impaled Nazarene - Sadogoat ep 1992

First Impaled Nazarene ep on Osmose Productions and limited to a 1000. This is a killer 7 inch that has remained a favorite of mine through the years. The scream in "Ghost Riders" is fucking great.

01 - Ghost Riders
02 - Sadogoat

Osmose Productions.

Impaled Nazarene - Satanic Masowhore ep

Second ep on Osmose Productions from these mad as fuck Finnish Black Metallers. Awesome cover art and they even bust out an "Extreme Noise Terror" cover for good measure. An interesting fact (or not...) was the record labels for this were mixed up with the Profanatica ep which came out at the same time.

01 - Satanic Masowhore
02 - Conned Thru Life (Diabolic Penis Mix)

Osmose Productions

Fatal - A Somber Evocation Of Nihilism ep 1990

I don't know too much about this band from America apart from the fact that their music is amazing. Real heavy technical Death Metal that is full of hooks. It's one of the better ep's released by the French label "Thrash" back in the early 90's. I think this was their only official release apart from a Demo. Anyway give it a spin you won't be disappointed.

02 - Anguish