Wednesday, 19 September 2007

The Swanky's - Neo Damage - Flexi

Now you all must have heard of Gai who then went on to become The Swanky's. Snotty 80's Punk Rock through and through. This is a cool flexi and I hope you enjoy it.

01 - Five Star
02 - Stuffy
03 - Please For Kiss Me
04 - I'm Punk

King's World.

Inga - Aketekure ep 2004

Here's another great record from Japan, this time it's Inga. They have one of the most insane vocalist's I have heard in a long time. The music is structured Thrash/Punk with quite a few hooks but the singing is off the wall. Listen to track two for an idea of how manic this is. Blood Sucker deliver on all levels.

01 - 虫の呼吸 Mushi no Kokyu
02 - あけてくれ Aketekure
03 - したたりおちShitatariochiru
04 - 血の路 Chi no MichiVery

Blood Sucker Records.

Saturday, 15 September 2007

N.O.T.A. - Toy Soldiers ep 1984

None of the Above - N.O.T.A. for short - were an under appreciated hardcore band from Tulsa, OK. Despite an 8 year run from 1979 to 1987 the band only produced a modest body of work. 1983 saw the release of their demo tape Live At The Crystal Pistol, which directly lead to Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll including them on Welcome to 1984 international compilation. In 1984 N.O.T.A. released their first EP, the Moscow 7″, on the Unclean label. 1985 saw the band switching to the Rabid Cat label (at the time home to the Offenders and Scratch Acid) and releasing the Toy Soldiers EP and an eponymous album. While some of the material sounds dated, a good portion still sounds fresh, a testament to N.O.T.A.’s ability to temper their breakneck hardcore with elements of classic, catchy punk.

01 - Toy Soldiers
02 - Justice In America
03 - Fucked Up
04 - Cattle Call
05 - Riot Kids

Rabid Records.

Disrupt - Deprived ep 1994

Disrupt was one of those incredibly ugly crust bands on the Relapse roster in the early nineties, tossing out political hardcore in sporadic seven inch bursts, and containing many more members than any punk band should possibly have. Simple arrangements, ample venom, and a need to spit on contemporary humanity, drove the Disrupt engine. Every progressive and radical topic is explored within the framework of fast, aggressive grind-punk: racism, sexism, machismo, political injustice, environmental concerns, free-market shenanigans, poverty, and animal rights issues. Music fans that don’t enjoy being preached to should probably stay a minimum safe distance from this thick slab-o-derision. Riffs are typical punk fare, but are imbued with a grind heaviness and propensity for speed, at once catchy and incredibly dirty. Vocals are shouted, growled, screeched, and spoken, all expected within the genre. As for everyone else, I’ll just a pull a Disrupt and tell you all to “fuck off!”
Review by James Slone
01 - Dog Eat Dog
02 - Deprived
03 - Give It Back
04 - Victims Of Tradition
05 - Exorbitant Prices Must Diminish
06 - Lack Of Intelligence
07 - No Values
08 - Solidarity

Relapse Records.

Thursday, 13 September 2007

No Comment - Downsided ep 1992

The sheer energy on this record could light a small city for two or three generations." Looking back years later it is worth noting that every word of that review is still accurate including the statement that this record may be the finest seven inches of thrash ever recorded. These eleven tracks gave thrash in the 90s the same kick in the arse that the first D.R.I. 7" gave thrash in the 80s. Even hardcore fanatics who are too dense to be Slap A Ham obsessed are able to recognize this record as a classic. Simply put, if you only ever own one record on Slap A Ham it should be this one. (Review stolen from here)

01 - Dead Stare For Life
02 - Past Tense
03 - Sarcastics
04 - Distant
05 - Hurt
06 - Hacked To Chunks
07 - Lament
08 - Soiled By Hate
09 - Downsided
10 - Push Down And Turn
11 - Curtains

Slap A Ham Records.

Heresy - Whose Generation ep 1989

Just when hardcore in the states was getting stale and formulaic, Heresy and their European brethren came along and gave it a shot of pure adrenaline. Their early material especially is essential for any fan of the fast stuff. This ep is one of their final recordings and it's an awesome ep. Most of this stuff has been re-issued by Speed State Records.

01 - Follow Suit
02 - Ghettoised
03 - Them And Us And Me And You
04 - Everyday Madness Everyday

In Your Face Records.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Knugen Faller - Inte Som Ni ep 2005

Knugen Faller formed in late spring 2003 over a bowl of tomato soup at Umea's Food Not Bombs, a place where the local misfits, hippies, punks, dreadlocks, proggare and cheap bastards meet every Sunday. Three of the members were living together in the same apartment at the time, and some of the members were already playing together in other bands. Since all the band members had been playing in various bands before the idea was to start a band where every member had to start from scratch by playing an instrument they never played before.
Inte Som Ni is their second ep.

01 - Inte Som Ni
02 - Lagg Ner
03 - For Sverige I Tiden
04 - Adolf Hitler

Wasted Sounds

Knugen Faller - Skellefte Stadshotell ep 2004

Sweden's Knugen Faller with their first ep. I love this dirty punk rock with the awesome female vocals courtesy of Anna Philipsson. Catchy vocals all sung with a thick Swedish accent. I've got to admit if this type of music was sung in English I don't think I'd like it as much.
Some of the members also plays in Totalt Jävla Mörker. Inge "Inge Ansvar" Johansson also plays in The (International) noise conspiracy.
01 - Skellefte Stadshotell Brinner
02 - Arad Vare Lorentz
03 - Gubbe
04 - Demokrati

Wasted Sounds.

Fifi And The Mach III - New Race ep 1998

Fifi and the Mach III are a four-piece band from Japan who have been going for few years. They sort of remind me of a more rocking version of Gas or The Comes. Fifi & the Mach III have four band members: Fifi (vocals), Tsukasa (Guitar), Nolly (Bass), and Hottie (Drums).Their EP on the Wrench label, "New Race", was released on Wrench Records in 1998! There are four tracks, the title track being an absolutely cracking version of Radio Birdman's "New Race".

01 - New Race
02 - Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die
03 - Coz I Love You
04 - Johnny

Wrench Records.

Kolokol - Grundrisse ep

Second release, consisting of tracks from the same session as "Tilbake til start". The songs on this release are among the newest songs from this session, except "Hva du tar" which is about as old as "Dødsdans". One sided 7inch of the best norwegian Hardcore Band nowadays. They sound like traditional norwegian Hc should sound...

01 - Hva Du Tar
02 - Ex Officio
03 - Karneval

Nakkeskudd Plater

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Jed Whitey - This Machine Kills Hippies ep

Hippies suck, so this 7" fucking rules. But no, seriously, this 7" does fucking rule. Six tracks of rockin', high energy hardcore/punk from Australia with shitloads of blazing rock riffs somewhat akin to Kiss sans the cheese or Motörhead with a lot more speed and raucous shouting vocals. Fuck, just check out the brief harmonica and totally rocked out lead break in "(I'm Living In) My Own Private Altamont", or the obviously fucking supreme cover of Black Flag's "Jealous Again"! This fucker shreds from start to finish and ends all too soon! And they've got a great recording: A solid bass presence, natural drums, dead on guitars and vocals, a perfect mix... It's loud as shit and totally in your face, perfect for what they're doing. (8/10)

01 - (I'm Living In) My Own Private Altamont
02 - The Butler Did It
03 - Yes? No!
04 - We Used Your Record As A Beer Coaster
05 - Jealous Again
06 - Hadlee's A Wanker

Busted Heads

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

The Last Survivors - Chaos Is Here ep 2002

Split release from Crust War and MCR Company. This reminds me alot of "Riot City" punk bands from the UK in the mid 80's. It's fun up-tempo punk fucking rock with that added Japanese twist that they always bring to the mix.

01 - Law Of The Land
02 - Red Danger

Crust War / MCR Company