Friday, 30 November 2007

Artimus Pyle - Tonight Is The End Of Your Way ep 2006

Recorded in Japan in 2006 and featuring Crow doing some backing vocals this ep is fucking great and the best thing I've heard from them since I spun "Civil Dead" for the first time. They also bust out an N.O.T.A. cover to boot.

01 - Tonight
02 - Grin And Bear
03 - Den Of Thieves (N.O.T.A.)
04 - The End Of Your Way

Insane Society / Too Circle Records.

Forward - Act Then Decide ep 1997

Forward are one of the front runners in the "Burning Spirit" style Japanese Hardcore along with the likes of Paintbox and Crude. This ep is just great. A nice fat production which makes the Guitars just destroy. Very much in the spirit of mid 80's Japanese glory. Awesome.

01 - Go For Broke
02 - Absolutely

Blood Sucker Records.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

The Mob - No Doves Fly Here ep 1981

I'm going to guess this has been done elsewhere before and no doubt will be done again and so it should. The title track is a masterpiece which in my opinion summed up the Reagan/Thatcher era with haunting realism. With the constant threat of Nuclear annihilation that the USA and the then USSR subjected the world too in the 80's this song is a fitting anthem.

The sky is empty and it's turning different shades of colour,
It never did before and we never asked for war
My mind is empty and my body different shapes of torture
It never was before and we never asked for war
No-one is moving and no doves fly here
No-one is thinking and no doves fly here
No-one remembers beyond all this fear,
No doves fly here

The buildings are empty and the countryside is wasteland,
It never was before and we never asked for war.
The playgrounds are empty and the children limbless corpses,
They never were before and they never asked for war.
No-one is moving and no doves fly here,
No-one is thinking and no doves fly here,
No-one remembers beyond all this fear,
No doves fly here"
Crass Records.

The Mob - The Mirror Breaks ep 1983

The Mob were one of the best Anarcho Punk bands of all time and released some mighty recordings none more so the the brilliant "Let The Tribe Increase" LP on All The Madmen. This ep was their last recording and the title track is a stunner. This music still has an impact on me to this day and Mark's vocals are still as haunting now and they were in the 80's.

01 - The Mirror Breaks
02 - Stay

All The Madmen Records.

The System - The Warfare ep 1982

Years and years ok I was listening to the punk show on Student radio and they played a song (Their Corrupting Ways) but at the time they never said who it was and it wasn't for a few years later when I stumbled upon this ep that the penny dropped. I have to post this even tho it's been posted elsewhere before (on the fabulous "Punks on Postcards") because it made such an impact on me and still remains one of my favorite punk songs of all time.

01 - Dogs Of War
02 - Their Corrupting Ways
03 - Nervous Breakdown

Spiderleg Records.

Shrapnel / Toxik Ephex - Split ep 1988

This is a great split put out by Words Of Warning Records in 1988. Both bands offer up some catchy fucking punk rock tunes. I couldn't find out anything about this on the web so just take my word for it, it's a good um...
"Does someone have to die to show what Heroin can do"

01 - Shrapnel - Trivial Pursuit
02 - Shrapnel - Autumn
03 - Toxik Ephex - Does Someone Have To Die
04 - Toxik Ephex - Life Is For Living

Words Of Warning Records

Hard Skin - Make My Tea ep 2006

First off sorry for the lack of posts lately but it's Spring here and I've just been enjoying the weather and the company of family and friends.
OK, so on with the records. This is Hard Skin, this is Oi! You may know the back ground to this band and if you do you know it's all tongue in cheek fun. The band is a laugh a minute and always to be taken that way. This ep was released on Feral Ward and the title track was taken off their "Same Meat Different Gravy" LP. Such good drinking music.

01 - Make My Tea
02 - Romford
03 - Let's Ave It

Feral Ward.

Monday, 5 November 2007

Life Cycle - Myth & Ritual ep 1988

I know fuck all about this band from Wales except they rule. They would be the closest band to replicate Celtic Frost, it's amazing. Sure they have got the Anarcho Punk influences and were around with other notable Welsh bands like Shrapnel and Classified Protest. This is just a gem of a record that I have owned since it came out. They also put out a 12" called "The Weight Of Tradition" which I'll rip and upload as well.

01 - Indifference
02 - Face To The Ground
03 - Piece Of Meat

Mad World Records.

Dystopia / Suffering Luna - Split ep 1995

Dystopia were the kings of the depressive sludge crust genre and released some epic records whilst Suffering Luna are more on the fringes and offer a different take on the genre with haunting compositions that explode in to chaos. I do prefer their split LP with Gasp to this track but it's still a winner.

Dystopia - Diary Of A Battered Child
Suffering Luna - La Reina Del Rosario

Life Is Abuse.

Poison - Kick Rock LP 1988

Japan's Poison (later they changed their name to Poison Arts) with their first full lenght on Selfish Records. It's a solid release very much in the style of Gastunk or The Execute and well worth a listen. Poison offer up a more metallic sound than their label mates like Outo or Gauze. Manic drumming over some very nice guitar work. Enjoy.

01 - Kick Rock
02 - Tokyo Hungry Punks
03 - Craze For Struggle
04 - She Is...
05 - Bad Life
06 - The Blazing Fire
07 - Heart Gypsy
08 - Animated Town
09 - Until My Dream Comes True

Selfish Records.