Friday, 28 December 2007

Massgrav / Yacopsae - Split 5" 2007

Fuuuuccckkk Me!! Massgrav. These guys are so fucking brutal and never let down with anything, I can't wait for the new records early next year. It was a bit of a mission to find this split for mail order (RSR's website is pathetic to say the least) but never the less I found it and it's a fucking ripper. 2 Bands, 4 Songs, All Covers... It just slays. Yapcopsae can hold their own with the mighty Massgrav, which Diskonto couldn't seem to with their split on Sound Pollution. From tradition to Gang Green it's all gold. Enjoy.

01 - Massgrav - Sossial-Demokaaterna
02 - Massgrav - Mordare
03 - Yacopsae - Let's Drink Some Beer
04 - Yacopsae - I Hate You

R.S.R Records.

Short Sharp Shock - Burton ep 2006

Time for the new wave of thrash from England's mighty SSS. This is their first ep and in my opinion lays waste to the follow up full length released on Earache Records this year. This also kicks sand in to the eyes of Municipal Waste and their last two piss weak efforts. Fast, thrashy and tongue-in-cheek lyrics make this a fucking winner. Stand out track is "Thrash with a small moustache" fucking genius lyrics.

01 - Black Night White Light
02 - CDC
03 - Bath Night
04 - Thrash With A Small Moustache

Thrash Gig Records.

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Stiff Little Fingers - At The Edge 7" 1980

I've always had a soft spot for S.L.F and their first two LP's are classics's and still hold themselves up today. The b-side to this ep is a little on the weird side and very much disposable but worth documenting anyway. Also the cover of White Christmas did seem like an appropriate post.

01 - At The Edge
02 - Running Bear (Live)
03 - White Christmas (Live)

Chrysalis Records