Thursday, 31 January 2008

Dag Nasty - All Ages Show ep 1987

This is EMO not that fucking shit they call emo today. Fuck. Dag Nasty, Washington DC. Made up of ex this and that and pre this and that. Solid band, good music and a very respectable cover of the Ruts "Staring at the Rude Boys".

01 - You're Mine
02 - Staring At The Rude Boys
03 - All Ages Show

Giant Records.

Instigators - The Blood Is On Your Hands ep 1984

Debut record from the Instigators and what a classic it is. In fact this ep, the follow up full length "Nobody Listens Anymore" with the same line up and "Phoenix" with the addition of ex-Xpozez frontman Andy are defining moments in UK Hardcore. Classic records. This ep also features one Hammy of Peaceville Records infamy on Drums (who also sang for Civilised Society?) of course I may be wrong on all this so give me a fucking hurry-up if that's the case. Enjoy this ep it's great. I might consider ripping "Nobody Listens Anymore" as I don't think it's been re-issued since Bluurg let it slip in to obscurity.

01 - The Church Says
02 - Ignorance Is Bliss
03 - Ugly People
04 - All Creatures

Bluurg Records.

Icons Of Filth - The Filth & The Fury ep 1985

Last of the Icons recorded output for the next 15 or so years. They plunged into an even more chaotic sound on this ep but yet again Stig's unique vocals slice through it all. Great packaging this time round with the sleeve folding out in to poster form. My copy has suffered from being pinned on the wall during many a drunken party.

01 - Sunk Rock
02 - Evilspeak
03 - Vivisector

Mortarhate Records.

Icons Of Filth - Brain Death ep

Second ep and way uglier than the debut LP "Onward Christian Soldiers" the Filth fucking pound your sensors. More shit packaging and no lyric sheet courtesy of Mortarhate Records, this used to piss me off no end. Still a solid slab of wax and worth a listen.

01 - Enough Is Enough
02 - Brain Death
03 - Success On A Plate (For Who?)

Mortarhate Records.

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Icons Of Filth - Used Abused Unamused ep 1983

Probably my favorite of all the Icons records, released on the Crass Records sub-label Corpus Christi in 1983. The Icons Of Filth had a way different sound to most of the then Anarcho bands, it was heavy for one and really fucking chaotic plus they had some of the best artwork this side of Rudimentary Peni courtesy of "Squeal". They were in big with Conflict which sometimes I feel is not a good thing. "Asking Too Much" and "A Measure of Insecurity" are still killer tracks to listen too today. We also all know that vocalist Stig died shortly after playing a show a few years back. Also as a side note Profane Existence released a double CD (aarrgghh, fuck CD's) tribute to the man and his music so have a listen if you get the chance. I will also put up the "Brain Death" and "The Filth & The Fury" ep's too.

01 - Used Abused Unamused
02 - A Measure Of Insecurity
03 - Asking Too Much
04 - Virus

Corpus Christi

Monday, 7 January 2008

Stalag 17 / Toxic Waste - The Truth Will Be Heard... 12" 1985

Awesome split 12 inch from two of the best Anarcho Punk bands in Ireland in the 80's. Amazing lyrics and catchy tunes made this a fucking winner. I got this when it first came out and I'm glad I did because it's damn hard to find these days. Released in conjunction with Warzone Collective and Mortarhate Records. This is classic Peace punk.

01 - Stalag 17 - Party Talk
02 - Stalag 17- Forgotten Victims
03 - Toxic Waste - Traditionally Yours
04 - Toxic Waste - Burn Your Flags
05 - Toxic Waste - A Song For Britain

Warzone/Mortarhate Records.

Friday, 4 January 2008

Conflict - The Serenade Is Dead ep 1983

This ep from Conflict features in the title track one of the most powerful punk rock ballads of all time. Lyrically brilliant and musically mammoth. It evokes power and passion that was just fucking amazing back in the early 80's. Their "To A Nation Of Animal Lovers" ep on Corpus Christi was outstanding and "The Ungovernable Force" LP has to be one of the finest musical statements from an Anarchist band ever laid to vinyl but this ep still holds a special place in my heart. My poor copy of it has been thrashed to death. This was also the first Mortarhate release. So expect a few records from the likes of the Subhumans, Icons Of Filth, The Exploited, The Fits, Dead Mans Shadow, Rudimentary Peni, Crass, Instigators, Amebix, Lost Cherrees, Discharge and many many more.

01 - The Serenade Is Dead
02 - The Positive Junk
03 - The System Maintains

Mortarhate Records.

Admit Your Shit - Expect No Mercy... ep 1985

Well here we are in 2008 and first off let me say Happy New Year to all my regular visitors and fellow bloggers. I hope the hangovers are a distant memory :D I'm going to dedicate the next 10 or so posts to the records that made an impact on me when I first started getting into punk rock in the early 80's. These records and bands have made an impression on me that has served me well over the years, I struggle to find new music that has the same emotional and musical impact that these records had on me in the day. Nostalgia, it's a bitch.

First up is Admit Your Shit and their debut ep on Mortarhate Records. When I first heard this I was devastated by the production and the huge sound of the drums. Also it is a bit of departure from the usual stuff Conflict were releasing at the time. Raging US inspired Hardcore with a Minor Threat cover thrown in for good measure. They did release a 12'' after this called "Someplace Special" but it's nowhere as good as this.

So over the coming weeks and months expect a plethora of Anarcho and Brit Punk from the 80's.

01 - Flex Your Heart
02 - Do You Know What You're Doing?
03 - Expect No Mercy
04 - In My Eyes (Minor Threat)
05 - Keep Your Mouth Shut
06 - You're Just A Jerk (reprise)

Mortarhate Records