Monday, 31 March 2008

Gawj - 17 Shocks Terror CD-R 2007 - New Zealand.

Demo CD recorded last year before several line up changes and the dumping of the entire set bar two songs (Just Throw Money At It and Velcro Face). Gawj play ugly punk/grind and in a city dominated by straight-up Hardcore bands we like it that way. Gawj features members from Coffee Rage and Congaline and you can expect a split ep with Coffee Rage later in the year.

01 - Fuck The Crew Burn The Core
02 - Velcro Face
03 - If This System Sucks
04 - Crutch Of The Hopeless
05 - Hypocrite
06 - Just Throw Money At It
07 - Don't Give A Shit About You
08 - Everyday Brutalities
09 - Swill Of Arseholes
10 - In The Blood And Shit
11 - Die With All Your Regrets
12 - The Blaze
13 - A Disease Like You
14 - 88 Shithead//Panzer Temper
15 - Short 'n Sour
16 - Blood Lust-Conquest
17 - Untitled-Due To Technical Difficulties

United Blasphemy Music.

Magnesium - Magnesium ep 2004

Awesome Japanese band busting out some mighty Heavy Metal very much in the NWOBHM vein. Great stuff to get you throwing the horns at the full moon!!

01 - Time Tells No Lies
02 - Over The Rainbow

Iron Pegasus Records.

Motorhead - England ep 1977

Motorhead ep from 1977 re-issued in 2001 and featuring one of their more obscure track in "White Line Fever". Vintage Motorhead.

01 - Leavin Here
02 - White Line Fever

Munster Records.

Angry Samoans - Play The Songs Of VOM ep (1978 Demos)

As the title suggests this is the Angry Samoans playing two songs from their former band VOM. Good stuff.

01 - I'm In Love With Your Mom
02 - Too Animalistic

Bulge Records.

Merrygoround - No War flexi 1986

More mid 80's obscure Japanese Punk, in all honesty I know nothing about this band but if you like this era of Japanese Punk then you won't be disappointed. Kind of reminds of some of those bands that appeared on the Crass Records Bullshit Detector LP's but with more solid Guitar leads.

01 - No War
02 - Go To Hell

Merry Records.

Suburban Reptiles - Suburban Reptiles ep 2003 - New Zealand

Attention grabbing flash-in-the-pan first-wave auckland punkers, based around james salter (aka jimmy joy - saxophone), claire elliot (zero - vocals), william prendergast (billy planet - bass), trish scott (sissy spunk - guitar), brian nichols (shaun anfrayd - guitar) and original drummer des edwards (who turned up later in another short-lived punk band - junk) soon to be replaced by mark houghs (aka buster stiggs) who had been playing in neil finns' early outfit after hours - before he left to join his brother in split enz.
jimmy joy (brett salter) and myself were going to form a jazz band, but, in late 1976, after having been shown a live review of the sex pistols in nme by film director david blyth, decided that this punk thing had more going for it.
- simon grigg: taken from griggs' archive website.
Under simon griggs management, the reptiles dressed in stark and desheveled clothing, often in nazi regalia, and attempted to draw attention to themselves making their live debut (borrowing split enz's gare, no less).
Though far removed from the political uprising of their inspiration motherland of england, punk did make a major impact in new zealand homes in 1977, and few bands were as attention-grabbing as the reptiles. billy planet later switched instruments, replacing both original guitarists with bones hillman (who had made his name in the avondale spiders) bringing along his bass, and of course his unmistakeable punk-hitler moustache with him.
They recorded 4 tracks at a 1977 session under tim finn (who according to grigg fell asleep 10 minutes into the sessions) for phonogram, though only 'megaton' and 'desert patrol' would turn up on their single with the other tracks ('razor smile' - which featured on the angel mine soundtrack, and the excellent 'coup d'etat') eventually compiled together onto the 'ak79' compilation in 1993.
zero eventually went on to play columbia in the stage version of the rocky horror picture show - joining the british king of glam, gary glitter. reforming with zero on vocals, stiggs and baldock on guitar with the split enz connection increasing to include phil judd on bass and paul crowther on drums they now took on a new wave approach - ousting jimmy joy. pretty soon the band had disbanded, with zero leaving for sydney with boyfriend joy.
01 - Razor Smile
02 - Coup D'Etat
03 - Desert Patrol
04 - Razorblade Rosie
Raw Power Records.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Asbestos - Asbestos ep 2002

Japan's answer to all things politically crusty. A pretty solid release but I personally prefer to lean towards the Acid side of the Japanese crust sound. The opening track reminds me of a few 80's UK Anarcho punk bands whose names escape me in my current drunken state. Fuck it, not a bad release at all. I'll let you guess whose riff they stole for the last track....

01 - Asbestos (Belong To Nowhere Belong To Nobody)
02 - No War No Nukes No Violence
03 - Bomb Slaughter
04 - Legarize It

Hibachi Records.

Crude S.S. - Who'll Survive ep

Classic Swedish D-Beat. I must admit that this hasn't aged to well and I found it a little boring, I know, put me up against the wall a put a hole in my fucking head. Still it's a classic slab of wax and I'm sure all who visit this blog will love it.

01 - Forced Values
02 - Sick Pleasure
03 - Destroy Capitalism
04 - Who'ill Survive
05 - You Can't Deny It
06 - Respect The Earth

Uproar Records