Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Threatener - And The Bending Of Throats ep 2006

Well I've listened to a lot of harsh bands in my time but Threatener are the kings of extreme fastcore. It sounds like it was recorded on a tape deck locked in a garage two blocks away, but despite this I really like it. Fast as fuck and ten times as ugly, sort of reminds me of the first time I tried to listen to all of Exclaim's Critical Exploder LP and failed miserable (I still haven't managed it).

01 - Weekend Mishap
02 - Gates Of Tooth And Horn
03 - Six Robes
04 - Chaos Apes
05 - Infant Reprimand
06 - Antlers In The Throat
07 - Powertools As A Means For Liberation From A Restrictive Species
08 - Amniotic Trauma
09 - Pills From A Phone Booth Change Tray
10 - Home Remedies

625 Thrash

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Gastunk - The Vanishing Signs 12" 1986

Pretty solid Gastunk ep that fits snuggly between "Deadsong" and "Under The Sun". I have seen this with a different cover so if you have any info about this leave a message.

01 - The Vanishing Signs
02 - In Exchange For Your Mind
03 - A Holy Land
04 - Endless Waltz

Love Records

The System - Is Murder ep 1982

Second ep by The System on Spiderleg Records. It's a step forward from their first effort "Dogs Of War" and more in line with what Flux were pumping out with "Strive To Survive". Catchy, upbeat but suitably raw this is a stand out record from the era. These four tracks were destined for their first full length but the band split before it was released. Skuld in Germany did release a post-humorous LP called "Thought Control" but I thought this was a very substandard release and it definitely wasn't the "long forgotten LP from The System" as it was marketed.

01 - Undercover Agent For The S.A.S.
02 - Let's Be Free
03 - Born To Lose
04 - Identity

Spiderleg Records

Kronstadt Uprising - The Unknown Revolution ep 1983

London's Kronstadt Uprising's amazing first single on Spiderleg is still so intense even 25 years on. The stand out for me is the vocal delivery, harsh and driving. They released a discography CD in 2000 called "Insurrection" on Overground records. Try and track it down if you can.

01 - Blind People
02 - Dreamers Of Peace
03 - Xenophobia
04 - End Of Part One

Spiderleg Records

Effigy - Grinding Metal Massacre ep 2003

Axegrinder and Amebix influenced crust from Japan's Effigy, an early ep and not to bad at all.

01 - Stark Moon
02 - From Hell (Summer Devil)

Crust War