Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Coffee Rage - Get Your Dose Of Fuck Off

This is the band I sing in playing in a lounge in Wellington on the 24th of May. We played with Drug Problem, Wasteland and Shortlived. Fun times. New Coffee Rage recording out soon.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Forward - What Are You Gonna Get? ep

Awesome Burning Spirit Hardcore from Forward. I don't know much about this ep and couldn't find any information on the net about it so if you are in the know hook a brother up with the facts. Oh and listen out for the oooh's and aarhh's in the chorus, catchy indeed.

01 - What Are You Gonna Get?
02 - Go To Dive

Fast Nail records.

What Happens Next? - Stand Fast 2000 ep

Cool Japan only tour ep from W.H.N? These guys had the skate/fast/nard-core thing down to perfection and their "Stand Fast Armageddon Justice Fighter" LP is a serious kick ass piece of wax. This ep has a very nice Death Side cover to. Good stuff!!!

01 - War Elephant
02 - When It Stops Getting Worse It's Bound To Get Better
03 - You're Not Dead Until You're Forgotten
04 - Laugh Till You Die (Death Side)

625 Productions.

Satanic Threat - In To Hell ep 2008

Satanic Minor Threat worship by members of Nunslaughter and Midnight. So basically it's straight up 80's Hardcore with satanic lyrics, I mean just take a look at the song titles. This ep fucking rules (cheers Dane). It's probably still available from Hell's Headbangers but is quite expensive but has the most insane packaging.

01 - Guilty Of Hating Christ
02 - He's On The Cross
03 - Small God, Big Cross
04 - Satanic Threat
05 - I Ain't Gotta Worship
06 - Being Black
07 - Cursing At The Cross
08 - Don't Follow Him

Gloom Records/Hells Headbangers.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Gastunk - Mr. Gazime ep 1985

Gastunk's second ep and the follow up to the classic Dead Song LP. This is vintage Gastunk through and through. Haunting vocals laid over mood ridden punk rock. A favorite Gastunk release and still powerful all these years on.

01 - Mr. Gazime
02 - In The Fire
03 - The Birth Of Stars

Love Records.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Ambulance - Dawn Of A New Beginning ep 2006

Pretty polished Melodic Crust from Sweden's Ambulance. Killer production and very nice packaging. Stand out track for me would be "Forever Friends".

01 - Forever Friends
02 - Crucified
03 - Travels In Time

Wasted Sounds.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

The Last Survivors - Dead And Reborn ep

More 80's UK influenced Pogo Punk from Japan's The Last Survivors on what I think is their 2nd ep. I just love this stuff. Oi Fucking Oi and Studded Jackets a plenty. All done with the distinct Japanese twist.

01 - Judgement For Freedom
02 - Raw And Destruction
03 - The Rusted Cage

Dan-Doh Records.

Integrity - In Contrast Of Sin ep 1990

First vinyl outing from Cleveland's Integrity on Victory Records. A couple of these tracks I think are old "Die Hard" songs from pre-Integrity days (I could be wrong and just blowing it out my ass). I was a big fan of Integrity and their style of Metal Hardcore along with other bands like Hatebreed, Ringworm and Catharsis. Yet all these bands bar Catharsis ended up becoming bad metal.
01 - Live It Down
02 - In Contrast Of Sin
03 - Bringing It Back
04 - Dead Wrong
05 - Harder They Fall

Victory Records.

Age - The Spider Rules Your Emotions ep

Sweet metallic crust from Japan's AGE. I must confess to preferring AGE on 7" ep than a full length Album. I tend to get a little bored by the middle of a full LP but this ep is great. I could throw out the usual UK influences like Axegrinder or Annihilated but I think AGE are definitely their own entity. You be the judge.

01 - It's Spiderweb
02 - Lives Changing Into Objects
03 - Awake
04 - The Thunderbolt

Black Water Records.