Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Blood Of Christian Children - 8 Track ep 2006

Well, fuck me I've been an ultra slack motherfucker with this blog. Two fucking months!! Well what can I say? Too much beer? Hell yeah! Actually I've had to move house which sucked plus I've been busy with my bands (Coffee Rage and Gawj) with shows and recording's. Gawj have support to Walrora on the 18th Oct and Coffee Rage are supporting Conquest For Death on the 8th of October and following that up with New Zealand's annual Punk Fest in Wellington. Any way enough of the lame ass excuses and what your actually here for, the fucking music!!

Blood Of Christian Children hail from the States and dish out an eclectic mix of thrash and hardcore which just leaves me wanting so much more. One minute it's Japan worship then it's stripped down DC hardcore. These guys just fucking nail it. You might be able to still find this 12" at a distro like Velted Regnub (tell Chris where you heard about it) or try asking the band directly on their myspace.

01 - Chiaki Kuriyama
02 - Money Money Money
03 - Government Agent
04 - March To Isengard
05 - Xue Xi
06 - Crawford Death Squad
07 - Ghosts
08 - U Lock Vengeance