Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Final Count - Final Count 7'' flexi 1988

Japan's Final Count with their self titled 1988 7" flexi (self released) sort of reminds me of a more structured GISM in places and a less brutal version of Societic Death Slaughter. What ever the lame comparisons you can rest assured it's a fine record and worth your time and effort.

01 - Imitate A Human
02 - Silence
03 - Will Full Life
04 - No Follow The Fashion
05 - Double Faced Person

Final Records.

Fuck Geez - Zzz........ - flexi ep 1985

**I had wrongly posted this flexi as the "Here's The Fuck Geez" 7" it is now been corrected.

Cool rare flexi from Fuck Geez released on MCR Company in 1985. Pretty snotty fucking Jap Punk Rock. Three studio, one live track. Oh and don't be alarmed if the first track seems to sound like it's cut off mid flight, I swear that's how it is on the flexi and I'm not trying to short change anyone :D The last song reminds me of the Swanky's a little.

01 - In Japanese

02 - No Thank You
03 - In Japanese
04 - How To Sex

MCR Company.

S.O.B - Thrash Night ep 1989

One of my favorite S.O.B records and it's still a crusher today. I'm sure you all know the history behind this band so I can't be fucked rehashing it all. Infamously Lee Dorrian of Rise Above insisted that "Fuck or Die" be changed to "Luck or Die" don't really understand why? Any way it's a little gem of an ep and worth the download.

01 - Raging In Hell
02 - Give Me Advice
03 - Deceiver (N.D)
04 - Don't Turn Your Back
05 - S.O.B
06 - Nightmare
07 - No Control
08 - Fuck Or Die
09 - Thrash Night

Rise Above Records.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Unwise - You Gonna Make It Or You Never ep 1998

Japan's Unwise with a fucking solid 4 song ep of that Hardcore we all live for. Real nice Guitar work reminding me of Never Again or Forward, sweet record.

01 - Intro
02 - Be Free
03 - Life Is Only Once
04 - You Gonna Make It Or You Never

MCR Company

Dead Mans Shadow - Toleration Street ep 1983

My favorite DMS record after the classic 4P's LP. The mournfulness of the track "In My Dreams" is great. Still a classic today. You'll have to excuse the odd pop and crackle as this record has been thrashed over the decades. For a complete discography on Dead Mans Shadow and a ton of other UK Punk bands from the 80's check out this cool site UK82.

01 - Toleration Street
02 - In My Dreams

Expulsion Records.

Dead Mans Shadow - Bomb Scare ep 1982

One of my favorite English bands of the early 80's second wave of punk. They were less known than most of their contemporaries but packed a punch with some great tunes. This is their third ep. Think of them as a more punk version of the Newtown Neurotics.

01 - Bomb Scare
02 - Another Hiroshima
03 - Fighting For Reality

Rondelet Music

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Life Cycle - The Weight Of Tradition MLP 1989

Follow up to the "Myth & Ritual" ep of 1988 this Mini LP continues along the same Celtic Frost inspired Metal/Punk but in my opinion lacks the punch that their debut delivered. It's still a good record just not a great one. Enjoy.

01 - Bitter Taste
02 - Waste
03 - Deflecting Fate
04 - Art Of Survival
05 - Demolition

Mad World Records

Hatred Surge / Insect Warfare - Split ep 2006

This is a great release from two of the best Grindcore bands around. Sadly Insect Warfare split up but this split fucking kills. The 7" ep is the best media for Grind, I find it hard to listen to a full LP of this genre apart from something like Brutal Truth's "Extreme Conditions..." LP which is a classic. Any way enjoy this split, I love the S.O.B tribute cover too.

01 - Hatred Surge - Rot
02 - Hatred Surge - Out Of My Head
03 - Hatred Surge - Pile Of Shit
04 - Hatred Surge - Funeral
05 - Hatred Surge - Old And Tired
06 - Hatred Surge - Farce
07 - Insect Warfare - Negative Appeal
08 - Insect Warfare - Obscene Greed
09 - Insect Warfare - Reanimated Horde
10 - Insect Warfare - Buy Now You Die
11 - Insect Warfare - Hurricane Death

RSR Records.