Friday, 21 November 2008

Coffee Rage - Dreaming Of Going Nowhere Thinking Of Doing Nothing - CDR 2008 (New Zealand)

Well this would prove to be the last thing Coffee Rage will record as we split up after playing Punkfest '08 in Wellington in October. No complaints from me, it was fun and we got to do some cool shows and got to support Conquest For Death, Vae Victis, Walrora and also got to play along side sweet New Zealand bands such as Shortlived, Wasteland, Tentacles Of Destruction and Drug Problem.
As always, recorded in my lounge for fuck all.

01 - Needles In Eyes
02 - Coffee Rage
03 - Get Your Dose Of Fuck Off
04 - A Nations Disgrace
05 - Live Like Devil
06 - Dig Up The Hatchet
07 - Coffee Corpse Attack
08 - Special Olympic's
09 - Another Song Not Sounding Like Discard
10 - Total Fucking Dis-Slaughter
11 - Repeat Till Death
12 - Sharp As A Marble
13 - Drug Of Choice
14 - Acid To The Dissected Lie
15 - Knives Thrust In Deep

Electro Hippies - The Peel Sessions 12 inch 1987

Electro Hippies were a fucking great band from the mid to late 80's and always offered up a unique sound to what was happening with the rest of the UK bands of the time. I mean take a listen to a song such as "Deadend" and tell me it's not one hell of a powerful track. This has been blogged elsewhere numerous times but I don't give a toss because this blog is about what I like and I like the Electro Hippies a lot.

01 - Sheep
02 - Starve The City (To Feed The Poor)
03 - Meltdown
04 - Escape
05 - Deadend
06 - Thought
07 - Chickens
08 - Mother
09 - Mega-Armageddon Death

Strange Fruit.

Exit Stance - Crime Against Humanity ep 1984

Classic UK Anarcho punk from Exit Stance. This was their first ep released on Fight Back Records. Not as powerful as the follow up 12" "While Backs Are Turned..." on Mortarhate but still a great release. I love the singers vocals.

01 - Ballykelly Disco
02 - Mankinds Hand
03 - Blinded By Fear

Fight Back Records.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Autopsy - Retribution For The Dead - 12 inch - 1991

Wicked heavy Death Metal from Autopsy. This 12 inch ep is was some what of a departure in sound and tempo from the previous LP "Severed Survival" with a more down tuned slow death grind feel to it. It's an awesome record so give it a spin.

01 - Retribution For The Dead
02 - Destined To Fester
03 - In The Grip Of Winter

Peaceville Records.

Gawj - By Popular Demand, The Death Of Gawj - CDR - 2008 (New Zealand)

This is the first recordings from the new Gawj line up and marks a shift in direction from the 17 Shocks Terror line up. With a more structured sound and completely new set list with only two of the old songs remaining. I'm very happy with they way we are sounding and our current new songs are great to play live. With only myself and Dane from the original members left when we started in 2005 it's great to finally have a steady line up to build on for the future. We are currently planning on releasing a 7 inch ep next year. Recorded in my lounge for $0 they way it should be done. Enjoy.

01 - Bloodlust/Conquest
02 - Dead Again, Dead At Last
03 - Totally Fucking Lost
04 - Buried Under 1000 Years Of Shit
05 - Death Stare
06 - All Burn Together
07 - To The Death
08 - Never Too Young To Die
09 - Los Desaparecidos
10 - A Disease Like You
11 - Leg Trap With Corpse
12 - Knife At Throat
13 - Simian Revenge

United Blasphemy Music.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Conquest For Death - New Zealand Tour 10 inch 2008

Here's a little rare gem for you all. An Elephant shaped 10 inch acetate limited to 30 copies from CFD's recent tour of New Zealand. I got a copy because I slept with Carlos from El Paso Records and if you have ever meet him your understand the commitment I have to collecting records :) Conquest For Death are one of the greatest live Punk/Hardcore bands I have had the privilege of seeing. The bands reeks of Hardcore "super-group" status with their past and current bands being held in such high esteem the world over, I mean fucking hell we have Hott Lix Hulahan, Assfort, Your Mother, What Happens Next?, Love Songs and Artimus Pyle. Need I say more?

01 - Hey You Guys
02 - Condition Critical
03 - Shadows And Demons
04 - Butcher Baby (Plasmatics)

El Paso Records

Hagar The Womb - The Word Of The Womb 12 inch - 1984

The band was formed in the toilets of the Wapping Anarchy Centre, established by the efforts of seminal Anarchist bands Crass and Poison Girls, in 1980. One week after forming they played their first gig with Zounds and The Mob. The band were originally all-female in an attempt to add a female voice to what they saw as a male-dominated movement, and the band refused to conform to the stylistic constrictions associated with bands of the time.
The band toured the UK punk circuit for five years releasing two 12" singles and recording a Peel Session for Radio One (11th February 1984). Their first offering The Word of the Womb (released on Conflict's Mortarhate label) dominated the UK Indie Chart during 1984, being kept off the No.1 spot by larger, more mainstream, acts such as The Cure and The Smiths.
After releasing Funnery In a Nunnery the next year the band effectively split with no new material being recorded. (Wikipedia)

01 - Idolization
02 - What's Your Flag
03 - Cardboard Theatre
04 - Dressed To Kill
05 - True Love And Faith
06 - Truth

Mortarhate Records.

SIC - Yakuza Fuck Off ep (Bootleg)

Not sure what the deal is with this ep it seems that the A side was pressed on both sides by mistake. It's a shame really as the two tracks here are really good. Thrashy Japanese Punk at it's rawest.
If you have any info on this ep then leave me a comment.

01 - Ugly Today
02 - I Don't Wanna