Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Bruce Banner - I Love Fucked Up Noise ep - 2000

Bruce Banner is a fast-as-fuck hardcore punk band from Stockholm, Sweden, that's been around since the year 2000. The quintet is made up by a bunch of guys who already have made their marks in the Swedish hardcore scene. Vocalist Per Thunell and guitarist Daniel Hammare was in legendary grindcore outfit Filthy Christians and Per Thunell was also in Protes Bengt. Second vocalist Christoffer "138" Jonsson played bass in DS-13 and Epileptic Terror Attack.

This ep was recorded at Sunlight Studio where such bands as Entombed and Dismember are frequent visitors and rightly so this ep packs a fair punch.

01 - Stop Moving
02 - Mean Green Mother
03 - I Do Harm
04 - Martian Robots
05 - Fuck
06 - Nothing Flux
07 - James Bondage
08 - Simon Says
09 - Spoonbender
10 - My Ears Are A Whole Lotta Better Since I Went Blind
11 - Bop
12 - 12
13 - One To One Scale
14 - Demon (Septic Death)

Sounds Of Betrayal Records.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Poison - Hot Rod ep - 1986

Classic Poison. A must.

01 - Combat
02 - Kill And Killers
03 - Broken Promisess
04 - Hot Rod

Selfish Records.

Admit Your Shit - 12 Inches Of A.Y.S - MLP - 1987

Also known as "Someplace Special". A bit of a weird one this, being that it has no song titles and no lyric sheet or any other info what so ever. Mortarhate had a tendency to skimp on the inserts. I don't know whether this was just the fact that Punk's are notoriously shit at getting anything together or some other more sinister reason. This 12 inch seems like a mish mash of multiple recordings with levels and sound jumping all over the place. You be the judge...

I didn't split the songs up due to the lack of song titles.

Side A
Side B

Mortarhate Records.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Wasteland - Demo - 2008 (Unreleased) New Zealand

Wasteland are a young Hardcore band from my home town who play fast stripped down youthcore. Good bunch of guys who unfortunately are fucking hopeless at releasing shit. I recorded this for them way back in January yet they never got round to putting it out even though a lot of people were keen to hear it. I've decide to do it for them instead. They are currently recording a bunch of new material plus a couple of the songs from this release which hopefully will see the light of day. Check them out on myspace. Cover art was done by Stace and you can see her other cool shit on her DeviantArt site.

01 - Hate These Words
02 - People
03 - Not For Me
04 - Thrown
05 - Hate Me
06 - Run Away
07 - Agoraphobic Tendencies
08 - Wise Up
09 - Ready To Fight (Negative Approach)
10 - Stabbed In The Face

The Comes - Power Never Die - MLP 1986

The Comes from Tokyo were one of the first Japanese hardcore bands and their eleven song 12" entitled No Side is one of the best early punk records. The band first appeared on the Outsider compilation LP in 1982 along with such seminal Japanese outfits as GISM, Gauze, and Laughin Nose. No Side came out in 1984. The music was fast, rocking hardcore with melodic guitar and a totally insane woman on lead vocals. The songs on this LP combine these hell-shriek vocals, massive hooks, and the stop-start hardcore of Minor Threat, but Comes had a screeching, spastic energy unlike anything in the US. Their follow up LP, 1986's Power Never Die, is apparently a bad metal record. Too bad, but at least some members went on to be in the mighty Lip Cream and are probably still in some band or another. At least two bootleg singles have been put out, mostly recycling the No Side material, and the one to get is the split LP that combines No Side with GISM's Detestation LP (which, even in its bizarre glory, I think pales in comparison). Getting these two classics on one record is too good be true. No Side has also been booted onto CD recently. (Kill From The Heart)

You be the judge as to whether this is a "bad metal record" or not, I personally like this. Just wait for me to post Theatre Brook and Off Mask OO....

01 - Brains
02 - Take A Step
03 - Cockiness Man
04 - Power Never Die
05 - Dirt Off
06 - As A Rabbit Of Human

Captain Records.

RoseRose - Skatehead '88 - ep 1986

Classic Japanese Thrash from the mid to late 80's from this long running band. This is killer stuff. Go check out "Mosh Of Ass" as well. They are as much a part of the Japanese Hardcore scene as Gauze, having existed for over 24 years. They are still pumping out the thrash today, check them out here.

01 - Skatehead '88
02 - Christ
03 - Kill Or Cure

Dogma Records.

Faction - You've Got The Fire - ep 1983

Classic UK Anarcho Punk featuring ex-A-Heads Vocalist Mel. Not a particular strong record but still worthy of a listen. Think of it as a less bubbly version of Hagar The Womb or The Lost Cherrees.

01 - Intro
02 - Blinded By The Dark
03 - Turn Away
04 - Drowning

Bluurg Records.