Monday, 5 October 2009

Chaotix / Green! - North Island Thrash Attack ep - 2004

This is an awesome split 7" from two great Japanese Hardcore bands. Green! lay down fast thrash in a similar vein to Razor's Edge or El Nudo mixed with old school E.N.T. Chaotix bring the Heresy revival full circle. This is one fucking killer record, but then again what else would you expect from Dan-Doh!!!

01 - Green! - Do Sit Down
02 - Green! - Destiny
03 - Green! - And Pressure
04 - Green! - I Don't Care
05 - Green! - Realism
06 - Chaotix - Connection
07 - Chaotix - Indifference
08 - Chaotix - Sacrifice
09 - Chaotix - Voice Ear

Dan-Doh Records.

Moral Suckling - No More War Toys ep - 1990

Political fueled Hardcore Punk from Salt Lake City, USA. Heavy on the UK Anarcho Punk influences and a good record that probably hasn't aged to well. The track "Dead Gods" is still the stand out for me.

01 - Man Against Man
02 - Trust
03 - Dead Gods
04 - Skull Of Lead
05 - Plastic Minds
06 - Sagging Citizens
07 - Gun Grip
08 - Gluttons Of Necropolis

Monkey Puzzle Records.

Vi Gruer Oss - Kjell Magne Bondesvik ep - 2004

Vi Gruer Oss are a Norwegian hardcore band from Trondheim, Norway. Their songs are sung in trøndersk, the local dialect of the area. This is some punished music and well worth a listen. The cover art is awesome.

01 - Vgos Statsministerkurs
02 - Popmusikk
03 - Brussel Schmussel
04 - Fremskrittspartiet
05 - Posten Ska Fram
06 - Vi Gruer Oss
07 - Hollywood
08 - Neger Negativ

Their MySpace page.

Plata Records.

Mess - Brain Itches ep - 1989

Another solid release from Selfish Records with this 8 inch from Mess (Meoss). Similar in style to bands like Rose Rose or a less chaotic Gai. Enjoy.

01 - Brain Itches
02 - Hakeguchi
03 - Obscure Nervousness And Tedium
04 - The Yesterday
05 - In The Maximum Speed
06 - Suspicious Monkey

Selfish Records.

VA - S.F. Underground 2 ep - 1980

Classic late 70's early 80's San Francisco Punk Rock. Not a bad little comp and pretty rare these days. Good old offensive Punk Rock that you could only get away with in the late 70's especially with some of the lyrics in the Undead track. Enjoy.

01 - Spikes - Life Is Hell
02 - Lewd- Mobile Home
03 - Society Dog - Title Role
04 - Undead - Hitler's Brain
Subterranean Records.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Epileptics - 1970's ep - 1981

The first Epileptics ep recorded in 1979 and originally released on Stortbeat Records in 1979 under the name The Licks. It was latter released again on their own Spiderleg label and was the first release on this classic label who went on to release records from the likes of the Subhumans, The System, Kronstadt Uprising, Antisect and the Amebix. Most of the aforementioned bands can be found on this blog. This is a great ep with the title track definitely the stand out track.

01 - 1970's (Were Made In Hong Kong)
02 - System Rejects
03 - Hitler's Still A Nazi/War Crimes

Spiderleg Records.

The Epileptics - Last Bus To Debden ep - 1981

The Epileptics were the band that were to become the mighty Flux Of Pink Indians and formed in 1978. This ep is the second single on their own Spiderleg Label. Recorded live at the Triad, Bishops-Stortford in August 1979. It's a very raw live set but well worth the download and features an early version of Tube Disaster.

01 - Target On My Back
02 - What've You Got To Smile About
03 - Tube Disaster
04 - Two Years Too Late

Spiderleg Records.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Zounds - Can't Cheat Karma ep - 1980

This is one classic UK Punk record. If you've never heard it before then do yourself a favour and download it now. I do apologize for the crackles and pop's on this but I've owned this for nearly 3 decades and it's survived many a punk rock flat party.

01 - Can't Cheat Karma
02 - War
03 - Subvert

Crass Records.

Angel O.D. - Roar From Underground ep - 2009

Angel O.D. hail from Japan and deliver one shit storm of a 7". With the chaos of GISM or Outo and the destructive force of Inga. This record optimizes what I love about Japanese punk!! Raw, chaotic and a ton of fun.

01 - Roar From Underground
02 - Burst A Crime
03 - In Japanese
04 - In Japanese

Royal Shadow Records.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Arm The Insane - Virus ep - 1987

This is the only 7" from Australian band Arm The Insane and it's a great slab of wax. Along side such notable bands like Civil Dissident, Depression, Condemned? and Vicious Circle, Arm The Insane would be one of my favorites. Just check out the track "Self Destruct".

01 - Even The Blind Can See
02 - Virus
03 - Self Destruct
04 - Smackjack

Reactor Records.

Sugar Pie Koko - Sugar Pie Koko ep - 2001

This is one hell of a 7"!! Insane fucking thrash from Sweden. Think Uncle Charles, Human Waste, Bruce Banner then turn it up a notch. Get it.

01 - Shoplifter
02 - Liars
03 - 8 Hours
04 - Gutter
05 - Don't Label Me
06 - All Government Is Force
07 - Alternative To What?
08 - Freedom With A Colt.45
09 - Steal It
10 - You Vote And They....
11 - Lovestory
12 - Labels Are For Cans - Not People

Sounds Of Betrayal.

The Waste - Not Just Something To Be Sung ep - 1986

Relatively obscure release from Conflict's Mortarhate label from Devon's "The Waste". I quite like this ep but it's very much hit or miss. "Dig Up The Duke" is classic 80's Anarcho Punk through and through very much in the vein of say the Epileptic's, then the next track "Stop The Hate" could have slotted right in on the first Political Asylum demo. Not a bad record and well worth the download.

01 - Dig Up The Duke
02 - Stop The Hate
03 - Drunken Sailor
04 - Well Hard
05 - Coffee Bar Revolutionary

Mortarhate Records.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Enshrine - Burning - Demo 2 - 1994 - New Zealand

The second and final Enshrine recording and my favorite musically although I was never happy with the drum sound. This was recorded at the Zoo Studio and Engineered by Dave Lowndes and was our first experience in a fully Digital Studio. We included an Anal Cunt and Minch cover for good measure.

01 - Intro
02 - Yrotciv
03 - The Magnificent Earthly Triumphs Of Absu
04 - Nullius Fullus
05 - These Works Of War
06 - For The Devils Grin
07 - An Instinct And Lure (Reprise)
08 - Radio Hit (Anal Cunt)
09 - We've Gotta Go (Minch)
10 - Grrr Blood Evil Flood

United Blasphemy Music

Enshrine - Equality Is For Equals - Demo 1 - 1993 - New Zealand

Enshrine were a project band formed from the ashes of Sinfeeder. A three piece featuring Dane on Vocals, Rory on Guitar and Me on Drums. Enshrine would have to have been one of my favorite bands to drum in, all the songs were short but packed with time changes and riffs galore (this is more prominent on the second demo). Musically we took our influences from the Death/Black Metal scene but stripped the playing times to a more enjoyable duration.

This Demo was recorded at Tandy's Studio and Engineered by Dave Whitehead.

01 - Which He Choked
02 - My Tongue A Window
03 - An Instinct An Lure
04 - Drive Again The Nails
05 - In The Height
06 - Mountains

United Blasphemy Music

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Azazel - Nocturnal Cognation - Demo 2 - 1992 - New Zealand

The second (and final) Azazel recording. Laid down at Rex's Studio. More of a shift towards the Death/Black Metal sound prominent in the early 90's. This would have to be my favorite of the two Azazel Demo's.

01 - In Nomine Satanus
02 - Like The Grave
03 - Infernal Diatribe

United Blasphemy Music

Azazel - Azazel - Demo 1 - 1992 - New Zealand

Well this is what I was doing in the early 90's. Azazel was one of New Zealand's first Death Metal bands and this was our first demo recorded at Musicare Studio's in 1992. Band features members of Gawj, Lamp Of The Universe, Dabunka and Aborted Christians.

This Demo has more of a US Death Metal influence ala Suffocation and Deceased.

01 - Beyond Cremation
02 - Banquet Of Rot
03 - Summoned From The Underworld
04 - Baptism Of Death

United Blasphemy Music

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Syudan Jisatsu - Demon Priest ep - 1991

Heavy Jap Punk in the vein of G.I.S.M. It's even been rumoured that Sakevi did the vocals on this and it's not too difficult to see why. Great ep.

01 - Chaos Rider
02 - Muster Up Violence
03 - Devil Dance
04 - Black Father

Healter Skelter Records.

Death Dust Extractor - Slay Your Masters Or Slave In Chains ep - 2009

Death Dust Extractor from Japan lay waste of this ep. Heavy fast Crust. Packaging was a little on the minimal side but the music is another story all together. The last track is bizarre.

01 - Slave In Chains
02 - ...
03 - Mind
04 - Tomorrow-2
05 - Ego Is Horrendous
06 - Intro
07 - Slave System
08 - Brian Killer (Death Killer)
09 - Untitled

Crust War

Bristles D.C - Free The Prisoners ep - 1986

Snotty punk from Sweden circa 1986. You can almost see the singer sneering when he's laying the vocals down. Catchy.

01 - Troops Of Today
02 - Lonely
03 - Coming Back

Rosa Honung Records.

Crucial Section - Against The Wind ep - 2008

Damn fine ep from these Japanese Thrashers. A nice fat production makes this ep just shred. I much prefer this over their full length from a few years back.

I'm pretty sure the vinyl version has sold out now but there is a CD version available so contact them below and grab yourself one.

01 - Against The Wind
02 - Get Back The Lost Force
03 - Conviction
04 - Solidarity For Pleasure
05 - Result And Process
06 - Long Working Hours

Crew For Life Records.

Zyanose - Loveless ep - 2009

Japan's Zyanose with 4 tracks of noisy chaos punk on the A-Side and then they throw a spanner in the works with a 7 minute long track on the B-Side (Voice Of Youth) which just goes on and fucking on but it kind of works.

01 - Future
02 - Parasite
03 - Media
04 - Loathe
05 - Voice Of Youth

Crust War.

Friday, 29 May 2009

VA - Munt FM - Punk Compilation CDR - 2009 - New Zealand

A decent punk compilation compiled by Blair and the crew from the The PUNK GR SHOW on Munt FM Radio out of Wellington. A nice cross section of current punk bands from around the country.

Here's the ugly bastards making all the noise that fucks the neighbours off:

01 - Bilge Rats - Lady Alcohol
02 - The Bludgers - You Won't Change Me
03 - Conniption - Ends Of The Earth Part 1
04 - Shortlived - I, Terrorist
05 - Mr Sterile Assembly - Buru
06 - Big Flip The Massive - I Go Goo Goo Gargar 4 The Silly Team Riders
07 - Gawj - All Burn Together
08 - Gripper - G.G.F
09 - Ois II Men - Sunday In The Cells
10 - The Rocket Jocks - What Can I Do?
11 - Cobalt 3 - Wish That I Could See
12 - Missing Teeth - The Plan
13 - Roofdog - Metalliska
14 - Punchbowl - You Can Stick That In My Silver Ring
15 - Rockshop - Lizards Walking
16 - Drug Problem - (Charlton Heston) A Man Of Image
17 - Filthy Lucifer - Boneheads Put To Good Use
18 - Tame Iti - October 15, 2007
19 - Small Victories - Party With The Dead
20 - Ferndale Stranglers - Burgerie
21 - Vicious Rumours - It's In The Stars
22 - Basura Blanca - Tag And Release
23 - Wasteland - Hate
24 - Workshy - Cut The Cord
25 - Feminazis - State Terrorists Kidnapped My Friends

Get the whole fucking thing here.

In Cahoots - Demo CDR - 2009 - New Zealand

In Cahoots started as a flat band based out of Wellington, initially with the plan of playing a single show and putting out a tape before Lizard left. Influenced by a bit of pop punk, a bit of hardcore and a big nod at whatever was being played on the stereo at the time.
This is the tape which finally got released, 8 months and a fistful of shows later. (Ben)

I'll add that this has got that old school feel to it, like a rabid version of Regulations with a bit of Vitamin X shoved in there for good measure.

Good shit.

Get the fucker here.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

No Idea - Class War 12" - 1985 - New Zealand

No Idea were a Punk/Oi band from Christchurch from the early to mid 80's who released this 12" and a Tape called "Wotsoever". I'm not a history buff but I love their two releases and this 12" has the awesome "Rugger Bugger". I do prefer the more raw sound they had on the cassette but fuck me this is classic New Zealand Punk fucking Rock. They were the forerunners of the second wave on NZ punk along with the likes of Flesh D-Vice, Armatrak, Five Year Mission and Compos Mentis.

No Idea formed in April '83 in Palmerston North & then moved to CHCH Feb'84. Their tape was released on 6th August 1984. & 12" 21st Oct 1985. (thanks Simon for the information)

01 - Class War
02 - Get It Together
03 - Wotever
04 - Object
05 - Rugger Bugger
06 - Like You
07 - Kick Down That Wall

Jayrem Records.

Tentacles Of Destruction - Demo CDR - 2006 - New Zealand

The Tentacles hail from Auckland and have been around for a fair few years now and are one of the few New Zealand punk bands to play overseas. They played in San Francisco and France a couple of years ago. Their sound is very Youthcore inspired thrash punk with a healthy dose of old school US punk/hardcore ala Jerry's Kids or Battalion Of Saints. This is their first demo and captures their initial raw sound well. They have tightened up their sound these days and have a more rocking groove going on.

01 - Intro
02 - Roadkill
03 - Angsty Teen
04 - Red Squad
05 - Lives For Sale
06 - Do The Tentacle
07 - Louie Louie
08 - Bonus Track

What Happens Next? - Ahora Mas Que Nunca ep

Another awesome 7" ep from these guys. You all know this band already, just download and enjoy.

01 - Gladiator Pose
02 - The Tribe I Claim
03 - Ahora Mas Que Nunca
04 - Conditioned Consumption
05 - Who Are You Playing For?
06 - One And All
07 - Action Man

Lengua Armada Records.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Omega Tribe - No Love Lost LP - 1983

Omega Tribe's 1983 full length on Corpus Christi Records, this LP has been thrashed almost to the point that is unplayable in parts (just listen to the static on Mother Of Cultivation) so I must apologize for the quality in places on this rip but it's so essential a listen that I think most won't mind. Enjoy a piece of punk rock history.

01 - Duty Calls
02 - Profit
03 - Aftermath
04 - Freedom
05 - What The Hell
06 - Mother Of Cultivation
07 - My Tears
08 - Nature Wonder
09 - Pictures
10 - Man Made
11 - My Tears Reprise (No More Wars)

Corpus Christi Records.