Friday, 23 January 2009

Confessor - First Sin 12" - 1986

Classic New Zealand Glam Metal from 1986. I don't know too much about this band from Auckland and whether they released any other records apart from this. If you have any info then leave a comment.

01 - Soldier Of Hate
02 - Satin Sheet Action
03 - No Peace For The Wicked

Jayrem Records.

Total Fucking Destruction/Omnium Gatherum - Split CDR - 2002

Split CDR for the TFD Australian tour. Limited to 50 copies.

Tracks 1 to 9 are Total Fucking Destruction.
Tracks 10 to 13 are Omnium Gatherum.

01 - Bio-Satanic Terroristic
02 - Corpse Position
03 - Yes Ma'am (DRI)
04 - Fuckwound
05 - Kill The Jocks
06 - Metal Emergency
07 - Necroanarchist
08 - Pigs Head
09 - TFD=THC (666)
10 - Idiosyncrasies Of Others
11 - Conspiracy Theory
12 - Pedestrian
13 - Exhausted Of Tolerance

Gloon Productions.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Theatre Brook - Theatre Brook MLP - 1988

Well now for something a little left field. Theatre Brook from Japan and on the Selfish Label but way different than most of their label counter parts. They have that heavy Cult influence that a lot of the Japanese bands got hooked on in the late 80's namely such legendary acts like Gastunk or The Execute (I've was just listening to "The Antagonist Shadow" today) and while that record still retains a harder edge than this you can't but hear the similarities. Any way this is a cool record so give it a spin. My favorite track would be "Welcome" it's catchy.

01 - Screaming Of The Silence
02 - Sunshine And The Mirror
03 - Everybody
04 - Welcome
05 - On The Stage

Selfish Records.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Omega Tribe - Angry Songs ep - 1982

Omega Tribe was an English anarcho-punk band, formed in Barnet in 1981. Their first EP, Angry Songs, was produced by Penny Rimbaud and Pete Fender for Crass Records in 1982.
Their subsequent LP, No Love Lost, (released by Corpus Christi Records, 1983) won the hearts of many hardened anarchos and secured their place in anarcho-punk history. A far more melodic style, encouraged by producer and new guitarist Pete Fender, created a highly influential template that many other bands were to build on. I have this already ripped and will post at a later date.
They released a cassette only live release on BBP tapes in 1984.
Pete Fender departed early in 1984, after a memorable year for Omega Tribe. Line-up changes were fairly frequent after this period and a 12" EP, "(It's a) Hard Life"/"Young John", was finally released in 1985 that showed a complete change of direction. By 1986, after the departure of vocalist and founder-member Hugh, the band was known simply as The Tribe. The band continued to maintain a presence on the UK live circuit for a further year or so but recording opportunity evaded them. The band split in 1988.
Omega Tribe reformed briefly to play guest spot at Vi Subversa's 60th Birthday Bash at London's Astoria 2 in June 1995. A short incognito tour under the name of Charlie showed promise, but the band's members had other interests and the project was short-lived.
A compilation CD, Make Tea Not War, was released in 2000 on Rugger Bugger Records and a cut-down vinyl LP version was also pressed. Both albums quickly sold out.
01 - Another Bloody Day
02 - Profiteer
03 - Is This A Future?
04 - Time For Change
Crass Records.

Lost Cherrees - Unwanted Children 12" - 1985

In 1985 the Lost Cherrees released a 12" ep on Motarhate records called UNWANTED CHILDREN. The four track single was recorded at Alaska studios, London. By now the band were headlining gigs up and down the UK and working hard to promote various causes. The band played at dozens of benefit shows for the families of striking miners, Rape Crisis Centres, Animal Liberation Front and many others. The Cherrees had played over 350 gigs in three years when it was decided that it was time to call it a day.

01 - Unwanted Children
02 - Consider The Challenge
03 - Everyday Choice
04 - Who Believes It?

Mortarhate Records.

Lie - Legalize It - ep

"This could possibly be my favorite release thus far. I can’t really pin-point what LIE does that is so damn good, but man, everytime I hear them my blood starts to rush. I first worked with them on the “Bandana Thrash Volume I” comp flexi, and from then on, I would get the new recordings they would do. I loved everyone of them. This thing sold out within 3 weeks…pretty damn impressive for a debut Ep." 625 Thrash Core

01 - Legalize It
02 - Cops
03 - Fight
04 - Happy Time
05 - Hard Core
06 - Nobody Need True
07 - Enjoy Life
08 - Best Friend Are Punks

625 Thrash Core

Friday, 9 January 2009

Needles - Needles ep - 2007

Needles are a new Bay Area super group featuring Jim and Bandito from Talk Is poison and Martin and Scott from Limp Wrist. Punishing fast and raw hardcore in the vein of Los Crudos etcl. When I had the shop I had the pleasure of meeting Martin and the rest of the Limp Wrist boys and I have to say it was probably the best show we ever had instore, really sincere people who love their fast as fuck punk and have a truely honest approach to life in general.

This ep is sometimes also referred to as the "Twisted Visions" ep.

01 - Twisted Vision
02 - Blocked Out
03 - Wooden Beads
04 - Filling Holes
05 - Wish List
06 - Their Lord And Land

Leguna Armada Records.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Stonehenge - Wings Of Steel 12" - 1986

Well here's a fucking treat for all you Metal heads courtesy of the good Dr. D and it's the simply amazing 12" ep from Waikato band Stonehenge. Now I grew up around these parts and for the life of me had never heard of these guys still I had the record thrust in to my hands a few weeks back, but fuck it's classic mid-80's Heavy Metal at it's best. A very rare record that goes for a ton of coin oversea's. I've tried to clean up the audio and have washed the record but there still remains a fair bit of static but it's worth it.

01 - Wings Of Steel
02 - Burning Fever
03 - Easy Livin'

Jayrem Records.

Aktiv Dödshjälp - Allt Hopp e Ute - CDR - 2004

Crushing Swedish D-Beat/Metal with a heavy lend towards Skitsystem/At The Gates. Raw as fuck, great stuff.

01 - Mordbrand
02 - Gråtens kalla bris
03 - Självdö
04 - Trasig själ-Trasig värld
05 - Tystnad
06 - Den bittraste Dagen

Halvkass Produktion.

Rövsvett - Lepra Cliff ep - 1990

A very catchy opening track "Allah Allah" just kicks this ep off on a great start. Long running Swedish band Rövsvett put this out on the Jesus Kidd label and it's a solid release, so enjoy.

01 - Allah Allah
02 - Vem Alskar Dej
03 - Bocka & Buga
04 - Inga Kommentarer

Jesus Kidd Records.

Exit Stance - While Backs Are Turned... MLP - 1985

One of my favorite Mortarhate Releases and still classic listening today. I just love the vocals.

01 - The Voiceless Now Have A Voice Part 1
02 - Slaughterhouse
03 - They Kill Dogs
04 - The Voiceless Now Have A Voice Part 2
05 - Christian Militia
06 - I Have No Gun (But I Can Spit)
07 - The Shit Still Stinks

Mortarhate Records.