Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Armatrak - Oh Bungo!! ep - 1986 - New Zealand

Armatrak were an Auckland band that existed through the mid to late 80's and who were one of this countries first forays into the American Hardcore/Emo sound of the mid 80's. New Zealand seem to gain it's punk influences from the UK, which is not that surprising seeing as we are part of the British Empire. Along with bands such as Bygone Era and Salad Daze to a lesser extend. Armatrak put out some very solid releases including their demo which is my favorite. They had a label called "Positive Youth Promotions" put out tapes, did 'zines and put on shows. This country owes alot to these guys and what that put into the scene here.

01 - Born Again Christians
02 - Friends
03 - Dejavu

Positive Youth Promotions.

Bad Religion - 1993 Peel Sessions ep

Now anyone who knows me will attest that I am a big Bad Religion fan and along side Discharge they are my favorite punk band of all time. I've been listening to them on a daily basis for the last 20 odd years and I can't see that changing anytime soon. I own all their releases on vinyl (yes, including "Into The Unknown") and I finally got to see them live last year.
This is their one and only Peel Session recorded at the BBC for the late John Peel, the sound is a little muddy but hey it's still Bad Religion, right?

01 - American Jesus
02 - Recipe For Hate
03 - Kerosene
04 - What Can You Do

Ada Max - I Want To Kill All Airheads ep - 2006

Formed by the guitarist of Nagoya city's thrash heroes Flash Gordon, and with a sound similar to The Accussed mixed with their monstrous ugly vocals, metalized heavy guitars mixed up with some comical horror taste. creepy, psychotic, but somehow catchy. This is Ada Max's characteristic world.
Fuck yeah, as you can guest I didn't write that description but it sums Ada Max up to a tee.

01 - Dance On Your Grave
02 - Back From The Dead
03 - Ada Max
04 - Frozen Monster
05 - Graveyard Boogie

Crew For Life Records.

Confuse - Contempt For The Authority And Take Off The Lie ep - 1985 (Bootleg)

We all know who Confuse are so I'm just going to post this Boot ep, funny thing is that this now goes for collector prices on eBay as well. Still it's fucking classic Confuse.

01 - Fuckin Lovers
02 - Abuse Of The State Power
03 - Fight Against The Plutocrats
04 - All Things Change Into The Fashion (Media)

Asta Kask - Precis Som Far ep - 2006

Asta Kask is a punk band from Töreboda, Sweden. It was founded as "X-tas" in 1978, but changed to Asta Kask in 1980. In 1984 the band started working with Rosa Honung Records. After the 1986 release of the "Aldrig en LP" the band split up. In 1989 the band was reunited and played a few gigs, but then went dormant until 1992 when they played at Rosa Honung's ten year jubilee. Then the band went quiet again until 2003 when they started touring again as a "revenge" for all the unfairness they've been put through. The drummer, Bjurre, quit the band in late 2004, and was replaced by Dadde (of Wolfbrigade). During 2005 a conflict with Rosa Honung that had been growing for many years reached a point where the band could no longer work with the label so they signed a deal with Burning Heart Records. In April 2006 Asta kask recorded their first new album in 20 years. (Wikipedia)

01 - Precis Som Far
02 - Lilla Frida

Burning Heart/Wasted Sounds.

S.O.D. / Yellow Machinegun - Split ep - 2000

A bit of a weird mix for a split but fuck it works. Stormtroopers Of Death whip out a stunner and Yellow Machinegun can never put a foot wrong in my opinion. It's just a shame their vinyl is so damn hard to find.

01 - S.O.D. - Seasoning The Obese
02 - Yellow Machinegun - My Eyes Under The Sands
03 - Yellow Machinegun - Again

Howling Bull.

The Partisans - So Neat ep - 2001

Come back ep for this legendary UK punk band. This is certainly good stuff but I feel it lacks (with obvious reason) the youth full angst of their earlier work. Actually this ep has way more of a "Clash" or "Stiff Little Fingers" sound to it especially the B-Side. Still it's well worth a listen.

01 - So Neat
02 - Classified Info

TKO Records.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Gawj - Severing Hands At The Head - Demo 1 CDR 2005

Gawj have a 15 track 7" entitled "So Far Away From Giving A Fuck That We Can't Be Seen" on Idoneum Bello Records due out in the next few weeks so I thought I'd throw up our first 3 Demo's for download (the other two Demo's "17 Shocks Terror" and "By Popular Demand, The Death Of Gawj" have already been posted on Mad Blasts). We started way back in late 2004, early 2005 as a three piece. This was our first demo recorded in our rehersal room. It's fucking ugly. You may notice that most of our demo's contain the same songs or at least variations of them, this is part due to the fact we keep changing personal and that we were never happy with any of our recording's. The fact that we have an ep coming out is a fucking miracle considering some of the abortions our demo's have been. The ep is leaps and bounds ahead of this early stuff so don't let this put you off. In fact after you have savaged your hearing listening to this demo check out one of the new tracks from the ep. "All Burn Together"

01 - In The Blood And Shit
02 - Everyday Brutalities
03 - Velcro Face
04 - 88 Shithead
05 - Panzer Temper
06 - Swill Of Assholes
07 - Crutch Of The Hopeless
08 - Song Seventy Five
09 - Short And Sour
10 - Fuk The Crew, Burn The Core
11 - Ears To The Idiots Mouth
12 - Nothing Left To Say But Fuck You

Gawj - Everyday Brutalities - Demo 2 CDR 2006

Second Gawj abomination and the only time we didn't record it ourselves, we were really looking forward to this as the guy doing it seemed to know his shit. Unfortunately the results weren't great and the fact that he wouldn't hand over the raw data files so we could remix was also a point of contention. It's not that bad it's just that it could of been so much better. The drum mix is appalling. This was the only recording with Glenn on vocals but actually Dane ended up doing most of them because Glenn didn't arrive in time. Also first recording with James on second guitar.

Yet again, as with all our Demo's there were normally less than 30 made to sell.

01 - Fuk The Crew, Burn The Core
02 - Everyday Brutalities
03 - Short And Sour
04 - Velcro Face
05 - Swill Of The Assholes
06 - Nothing Left To Say
07 - Crutch Of The Hopeless
08 - 88 Shithead/Panzer Temper
09 - Ears To The Idiots Mouth
10 - In The Blood And Shit
11 - Jag Skiter Val I Dig
12 - If This System Sucks
13 - E.O.S.J.H - pt 4

Gawj - At War With Godzilla - Demo 3 CDR 2007

Third Gawj Demo and the first with current vocalist Kaleb taking over from Glenn. Recorded in out Practice room at Upsett/No Way Out Records on a 6-track HD recorder and a bunch of shitty microphones. I'm quite happy with this one and you can start to hear us developing the noise a little more.
Cover and CD were assembled by James brother.

01 - Fuck The Crue, Burn The Core
02 - Everyday Brutalities
03 - Velcro Face
04 - Swill Of Assholes
05 - Godzilla Conquest
06 - Crutch Of The Hopeless
07 - 88 Shithead/Panzer Temper
08 - Ears To The Idiots Mouth
09 - In The Blood And Shit
10 - Short And Sour
11 - Jag Skitter Val I Dig
12 - If This System Sucks
13 - A Disease Like You
14 - Just Throw Fucking Money At It