Friday, 17 April 2009

Omega Tribe - No Love Lost LP - 1983

Omega Tribe's 1983 full length on Corpus Christi Records, this LP has been thrashed almost to the point that is unplayable in parts (just listen to the static on Mother Of Cultivation) so I must apologize for the quality in places on this rip but it's so essential a listen that I think most won't mind. Enjoy a piece of punk rock history.

01 - Duty Calls
02 - Profit
03 - Aftermath
04 - Freedom
05 - What The Hell
06 - Mother Of Cultivation
07 - My Tears
08 - Nature Wonder
09 - Pictures
10 - Man Made
11 - My Tears Reprise (No More Wars)

Corpus Christi Records.

Rectify - 20th Century ep

Rectify were a political punk bands from Wales who put this great ep out in the late 90's (sorry the exact year eludes me). I think apart from this 7" they did a split LP with Bazy And The Budgies (spl?). I still enjoy this record years later and remembered why I'd kept it for so long, such a great and very unknown release.

01 - Bloodlust
02 - Countdown
03 - 20th Century
04 - These Days

Taff Core Records.

Hanna Hirsch - Fireworks In Daylight ep - 2005

Hanna Hirsch hail from Stockhom, Sweden and describe their sound as The Go Go's meet the Descendents. I don't know if I'd throw the Descendents into the mix but it's definately Punk power pop, more melodic and subdued than say Knugen Faller or Meine Kleine Deutsche but I have a soft spot for this sort of stuff from Sweden. This is their first vinyl offering.

01 - Open Sky
02 - Fireworks In Daylight

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Potential Threat - What's So Great Britain! ep - 1982

First 7" from this great UK Punk band who released a hand full of ep's and two LP's. This site has a great discography and history.

01 - Nuclear Threat
02 - What's So Great Britain!
03 - Don't Conform
04 - Animal Abuse
05 - Cheap Labour

Out Of Town Records.

Upright Citizens - Open Eyes, Open Ears, Brains To Think & A Mouth To Speak LP - 1985

The definite collection from the best German punk band of all time. This is the BYO pressing which has been long out of print and as I have said on a few other posts that this is insane and some of these classics need to be made available again. A record this solid will always stand the tests of time, after all it's a classic piece of German Punk history.

01 - Future Dreams
02 - Holocaust
03 - Dead Blood
04 - The Dark Side Of My Mind
05 - No Tears For Yesterday
06 - Government Wins
07 - Swastika Ratss
08 - Cyclone
09 - Right Way
10 - Stand Up
11 - Hated
12 - Yellow Press
13 - Bombs Of Peace
14 - Now Or Never
15 - What Are We Gonna Do Now?

Better Youth Organization.