Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Enshrine - Burning - Demo 2 - 1994 - New Zealand

The second and final Enshrine recording and my favorite musically although I was never happy with the drum sound. This was recorded at the Zoo Studio and Engineered by Dave Lowndes and was our first experience in a fully Digital Studio. We included an Anal Cunt and Minch cover for good measure.

01 - Intro
02 - Yrotciv
03 - The Magnificent Earthly Triumphs Of Absu
04 - Nullius Fullus
05 - These Works Of War
06 - For The Devils Grin
07 - An Instinct And Lure (Reprise)
08 - Radio Hit (Anal Cunt)
09 - We've Gotta Go (Minch)
10 - Grrr Blood Evil Flood

United Blasphemy Music

Enshrine - Equality Is For Equals - Demo 1 - 1993 - New Zealand

Enshrine were a project band formed from the ashes of Sinfeeder. A three piece featuring Dane on Vocals, Rory on Guitar and Me on Drums. Enshrine would have to have been one of my favorite bands to drum in, all the songs were short but packed with time changes and riffs galore (this is more prominent on the second demo). Musically we took our influences from the Death/Black Metal scene but stripped the playing times to a more enjoyable duration.

This Demo was recorded at Tandy's Studio and Engineered by Dave Whitehead.

01 - Which He Choked
02 - My Tongue A Window
03 - An Instinct An Lure
04 - Drive Again The Nails
05 - In The Height
06 - Mountains

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