Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Epileptics - 1970's ep - 1981

The first Epileptics ep recorded in 1979 and originally released on Stortbeat Records in 1979 under the name The Licks. It was latter released again on their own Spiderleg label and was the first release on this classic label who went on to release records from the likes of the Subhumans, The System, Kronstadt Uprising, Antisect and the Amebix. Most of the aforementioned bands can be found on this blog. This is a great ep with the title track definitely the stand out track.

01 - 1970's (Were Made In Hong Kong)
02 - System Rejects
03 - Hitler's Still A Nazi/War Crimes

Spiderleg Records.

The Epileptics - Last Bus To Debden ep - 1981

The Epileptics were the band that were to become the mighty Flux Of Pink Indians and formed in 1978. This ep is the second single on their own Spiderleg Label. Recorded live at the Triad, Bishops-Stortford in August 1979. It's a very raw live set but well worth the download and features an early version of Tube Disaster.

01 - Target On My Back
02 - What've You Got To Smile About
03 - Tube Disaster
04 - Two Years Too Late

Spiderleg Records.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Zounds - Can't Cheat Karma ep - 1980

This is one classic UK Punk record. If you've never heard it before then do yourself a favour and download it now. I do apologize for the crackles and pop's on this but I've owned this for nearly 3 decades and it's survived many a punk rock flat party.

01 - Can't Cheat Karma
02 - War
03 - Subvert

Crass Records.

Angel O.D. - Roar From Underground ep - 2009

Angel O.D. hail from Japan and deliver one shit storm of a 7". With the chaos of GISM or Outo and the destructive force of Inga. This record optimizes what I love about Japanese punk!! Raw, chaotic and a ton of fun.

01 - Roar From Underground
02 - Burst A Crime
03 - In Japanese
04 - In Japanese

Royal Shadow Records.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Arm The Insane - Virus ep - 1987

This is the only 7" from Australian band Arm The Insane and it's a great slab of wax. Along side such notable bands like Civil Dissident, Depression, Condemned? and Vicious Circle, Arm The Insane would be one of my favorites. Just check out the track "Self Destruct".

01 - Even The Blind Can See
02 - Virus
03 - Self Destruct
04 - Smackjack

Reactor Records.

Sugar Pie Koko - Sugar Pie Koko ep - 2001

This is one hell of a 7"!! Insane fucking thrash from Sweden. Think Uncle Charles, Human Waste, Bruce Banner then turn it up a notch. Get it.

01 - Shoplifter
02 - Liars
03 - 8 Hours
04 - Gutter
05 - Don't Label Me
06 - All Government Is Force
07 - Alternative To What?
08 - Freedom With A Colt.45
09 - Steal It
10 - You Vote And They....
11 - Lovestory
12 - Labels Are For Cans - Not People

Sounds Of Betrayal.

The Waste - Not Just Something To Be Sung ep - 1986

Relatively obscure release from Conflict's Mortarhate label from Devon's "The Waste". I quite like this ep but it's very much hit or miss. "Dig Up The Duke" is classic 80's Anarcho Punk through and through very much in the vein of say the Epileptic's, then the next track "Stop The Hate" could have slotted right in on the first Political Asylum demo. Not a bad record and well worth the download.

01 - Dig Up The Duke
02 - Stop The Hate
03 - Drunken Sailor
04 - Well Hard
05 - Coffee Bar Revolutionary

Mortarhate Records.