Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Attack SS - No Boss ep - 2009

Well it wouldn't be a MBOC post if it didn't feature a Japanese band or two. Attack SS from Nagoya play D-Beat pure an simple, actually it's more of a Disorder tribute, but they have an edge over other bands, they have the most fucked up Guitar tone I have ever heard in my life. Even Disclose can't come close to the band saw bordering on white noise guitar tone. This ep is not an easy listen but looking at the cover art while you do is a trip in to the sublime.

01 - Brainless System
02 - Fake
03 - Answer Fight Back
04 - No Boss
05 - The Life

Detonate Records

Human Waste - Var Finns Alla Polarna 7" - 2004

....and now for some completely different... Human Waste as you may or may not know are a D-Beat Crust band from Sweden who have put out a slew of records over the years and are renown for some pretty punishing music albeit relatively generic in the genre. This one sided 7" however is just fucking beautiful, an acoustic ballad. Very weird record indeed and limited to only 100 hand numbered copies.

01 - Var Finns Alla Polarna

New Noise

Mustang - Full Moon Crazy ep - 2001

I don't know much about this band from Tasmania, Australia, but they fucking shred in a Hellacopters, Sons of Cyrus sort of way with a bit more Metal. Hook me up if you know more. This is a solid ep and fucking foot tapping catchy.

01 - Full Moon Crazy
02 - Intergaactic Sinners
03 - Money

007 Records.

Dirt - Object Refuse Reject Abuse ep - 1981

I remember the first time I heard this and being really freaked out my Deno's high pitched vocals and thinking "Jesus, what the fuck is going on here", but it doesn't take too long to realize this is one legendary 7" from one Legendary band.

01 - Hiroshima
02 - Unemployment
03 - Democracy
04 - Dolls Of Destruction

Crass Records.

Conflict - This Is Not Enough Stand Up And Fucking Fight ep - 1985

One of my favorite Conflict 7" records. The sound they captured on this is just so punishing and is representative of them at their best both musically and lyrically.

01 - This Is Not Enough....
02 - ....Neither Is This

Mortarhate Records.