Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Convulse - Lost Equilibrium CDS - 1993

Great Melodic Death Metal from Finland's Convulse. Reminds me a little of Xysma or Phlegethon in places. Released by Relapse as part of their Underground series.

01 - Lost Equilibrium
02 - Memories

Relapse Records.

Puke - Back To The 30's ep - 1985

Awesome Punk Rock from Sweden's Puke, catchy and well produced for a change. A solid record.

01 - Svea Rikes Slavbok
02 - Tarthjarnor
03 - 1234....
04 - Cellen Ellen
05 - Heaven 7

Arne Moller Records.

Flux Of Pink Indians - Neu Smell ep - 1981

Well what can be said about this record? A time less gem. Flux's first vinyl outing. It's good stuff but nowhere near the brilliance of "Strive To Survive" (I should rip that sometime too). Enjoy.

01 - Neu Smell/Tube Disaster/Poem
02 - Sick Butchers
03 - Background Of Malfunction

Crass Records.

The Mob - Witch Hunt ep - 1980

Another Classic UK Anarcho Punk record, The Mob never could put a foot wrong in my book. This is the second pressing, or a later re-issue I think.

01 - Witch Hunt
02 - Shuffling Souls

All The Madmen Records.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

VA - We Don't Want Your Fucking War! Lp - 1984

I'd rank this compilation up there with the likes of "Welcome to 1984" "Cleanse The Bacteria" and "Peace" as being one of the best Punk records of all time. Released on Mortarhate's sub label Fight Back it just documents some of the best Anarcho/Punk bands of the 80's. Stand outs for me would be the Broken Bones and Legion Of Parasites tracks (the bass intro on the L.O.P song just fucking kills) they sure don't lack the same impact 26 years later. Enjoy.

01 - Broken Bones - Death Is Imminent
02 - Anthrax - Violence Is Violence 82
03 - Subhumans - Rats
04 - The Sole Dad Brothers - Burn The Rich
05 - Decadent Few - Metamorphobia
06 - Dezerter - Greetings From Poland
07 - Potential Threat - The Other War
08 - Stalag 17 - Society's Fairytale
09 - Lost Cherrees - War Parts I And II
10 - Stigma - Think Again
11 - UK Subs - Anti-Warfare
12 - Admit Your Shit - You're Just A Joke
13 - Toxic Waste - Good Morning
14 - Legion Of Parasites - Sea Of Desecration
15 - Malinheads - Hoax
16 - The Instigators - Dine Upon The Dead
17 - The Varukers - Stop The Killing
18 - Liberty - Diluted Rebellion
19 - State Hate - End Race Hate

Fight Back Records.

VA - We Don't Want Your Fucking Law! Lp - 1985

The second installment of the "We don't want your fucking..." series on Fight Back Records. In my opinion none of the subsequent compilations ever came close to the brilliance of the first LP but hey there's still some classic Anarcho Punk to be found here....

01 - Karma Sutra - How The Other Half Die
02 - Arch Criminals - Poison Hate
03 - Vorkriegsjugend - 08 15
04 - The Cause - Soldier
05 - The Insane - World's Going Insane
06 - Wardance - Stand The Proud
07 - The Drill - Listen Nazi
08 - The Apostles - Mob Violence
09 - Rubella Ballet - Money Talks
10 - The Partisans - Anger And Fear
11 - Carnage - Disarm Or Die
12 - Vex - Rushing To Hide
13 - Positive Impact - The Last War
14 - Duet - Dreams Of Tomorrow
15 - Reality - A Sign Of The Times
16 - Upright Citizens - Facts And Views

Fight Back Records.

Greed - We Don't Need Your Big Business ep - 1999

Classic Swedish Political Crust/Punk. Think Uncles Charles, Human Waste or Sugar Pie Koko, nothing new but still a good ep.

01 - Do You Care?
02 - U.N.U.A.
03 - Columbine 99
04 - Homophobic Attitude
05 - Without Respect
06 - Pray
07 - Thirty Seconds
08 - Hatred
09 - Spanish Lesson No.1

State Grinder Records.

Gordon Ivy And The Jaybirds - A Midnight Rave With ep - 2007

This band fucking rules and is worth every ounce of your attention. Japanese Hardcore at it's best.

01 - Breaking Through
02 - At War With God 2
03 - American Dream Global Nightmare
04 - Break The Cycle

Choking Hazard Records.

Mad Maniax - Break Out, Black Out ep - 2009

Quite chaotic Japanese Punk in a similar vein as Ada Max. If you know more please let me know.

01 - Break Out, Black Out
02 - Smash Emotion
03 - Plastic World
04 - In Japanese
05 - In Japanese
06 - Fall In Time
Crew For Life.

Destructors - Senseless Violence ep - 1982

Classic 80's Pogo/Street Punk. Their first record, please excuse the pop's and crackles, this is a very old record.

The band was formed by former 6ck 6ck 6ck members Allen Adams (vocals), Phil Atterson (guitar), and Dip (Paul Wicks) (bass) and various drummers including Steve Rolls and Dave Colton. Later the original band were complemented with a varying line-up including Andy Butler (drums) Andrew Jackson (guitar). Butler and Jackson left in 1978 to set up a new band called The Blanks. Some of Jackson's songs were used in later Destuctors recordings. A Blanks 3 track EP featured the song Northern Ripper which Allen Adams wrote the words. In 1980 The Destructors name was resurrected by Adams with a new line-up of Neil Singleton (vocals), Andy McDonald (drums), and 'Dave Ivermee ' (rhythm guitar) Allen Adams(bass) and later Graham "Gizz" Butt (lead guitar, formerly of The System, (among other bands) before their first release, 1982's Senseless Violence EP. Butt took on the job of writing about half of the band's music, with Adams writing the lyrics. Singleton remembered the songs: "They could be very complicated and a right bastard to remember. He also seemed to have a fixation with serial killers!". A series of EPs and two albums followed before 1984's final album Bomb Hanoi, Bomb Saigon, Bomb Disneyland. The band split shortly after Bomb Hanoi, their records never living up to their live shows, and the band members falling out. According to Singleton: "I don't think we ever made a really good record! They never ever lived up to our live shows; We were so much better on stage". Of the frictions within the band, Butt said: "Neil couldn't get on with Alan, and me and Dave didn't want Andy on drums any more. We weren't happy with Alan organising everything and neglecting his bass-playing role". (Wikipedia).

01 - AK 47
02 - Meaningless Names
03 - Police State
04 - Dachau
05 - Death Squad

Paperback Records.