Wednesday, 14 April 2010

C.Aarme - The Gag ep - 2003

Awesome dirty Swedish garage punk from this band on Big Brothel Records.

01 - Aimless
03 - Gasmask
04 - The Gag

Big Brothel Records.

Death Sentence - Death And Pure Distruction ep - 1982

An interracial punk band that currently sounds too much like the EXPLOITED for its own good. DEATH SENTENCE are fast, loud, and a little rough around the edges, so they could come on strong if they develop more of an individual style.
-Jeff Bale, from MRR, 1982

Lightbeat Productions.

Anthrax - One Last Drop LP - 2009

A retrospective compilation of material from this UK Anarcho Punk band. Compiling their two vinyl ep's (which can be found on this blog as well), Demo's and a couple of live and compilation tracks. Worth getting for the Demo tracks. It's a shame they left out one of the tracks from the "They've Got It All Wrong" ep.