Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Virginia Black Lung - Demo

Unsure when this came out but did stumble across this description of them which I think sums this demo up quite well....

"Ugly and caustic, Virginia Black Lung unleash with no regard for musical standards or melodies! Trust me, your parents will cower when they here this one. Political lyrics and harsh thrashy hardcore with some ugly wall of noise vocals. Classic"

01 - Fuck You Mr Penny
02 - S Copeland
03 - Comfort In Complacency Or Drop The Books
04 - Sex Slave Or Today Your love Tomorrow The World
05 - Going Price For Democracy One Million Dead

Acrostix - Truth Turned Gray With Justice ep - 2007

Japanese Crust delivered with precision. "Killing Frost" would be the stand out track for me. This is a good ep but their "Chain of Hatred" Mini-LP is a more polished record.

01 - Thrash Em 'All
02 - Killing Frost
03 - Iron Bird

Black Water Records.

Broken Bones - Crucifix ep - 1984

Broken Bones are from England and were formed by guitarist Tony "Bones" Roberts in 1983 after he left Discharge. The original lineup was Tony's brother Tezz (also a former member of Discharge) on bass, Nobby as the vocalist and drummer Bazz. Their first single release was the January 1984 "Decapitated". The follow up single "Crucifix" was released in May of 1984. Tezz left the band to join U.K.Subs and friend and roadie Hoddy took over on bass. This new line-up recorded the bands first album "Dem Bones", and toured Europe & USA.

Hoddy then left to join Conflict, and Tezz resumed bass playing duties, and the F.O.A.D. album was released.

The band then had several line-up changes with Nobby leaving to live in America and Tezz once more departing. Hoddy returned to play bass and sing. The band released the "Seeing Thru My Eyes" ep with this 3-piece line-up. Eventually the band ground to a halt.

Bones reformed the band with a new line up of Cliff on drums, Quiv on vocals and Darren "Thrasher" Harris (of Exit Condition) on bass. This is where the band took a more metal turn with their music, releasing "Losing Control". Two more albums were to follow with the 12 inch release "Religion is Responsible" and another album "Stitched Up". After these albums release, the band's touring and recording fell into remission.

In 1996 Broken Bones reformed. Bones as on guitar, Quiv on vocal, Hoddy on bass and Dave on drums. They released their first studio album in 8 years, "Without Conscience" in 2001 and in 2004, they released "Time For Anger, Not Justice". Both albums bring the band back to their roots as they play the brand of hardcore they're most well known for. They still gig and tour regularly. (Wikipedia)

On a side note, what the fuck is up with the reversed image on the sleeve? Is this a print error and Fall Out Records released it any way? Any info would be appreciated.

01 - Crucifix
02 - Fight The Good Fight
03 - I-O-U

Fall Out Records

Balzac - Atom-Age Vampire In 308 ep - 2003

I've always had a soft spot for this band ever since I first heard them on the Sound Pollution compilation "Kamikaze attacked America" with the track "The day the earth caught fire". It's just good Horror fueled Punk Rock with the obligatory nod to the Misfits. This is only one of about three Picture Disc's I own as I think they are a silly medium and I would prefer the extra costs involved in production to go toward a proper sleeve.

01 - Out Of The Blue
02 - The Black Light Shines In '99
03 - The Silence Of The Crows

G-Force Records.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Generic / Electro Hippies - Split LP - 1987

Simply a classic split of UK Anarcho Thrash that was very hard to find when released due to the fact that they all sold out pretty much straight away.

Generic swing wildly between all out thrash and melodic hippy folk, and yes it works. Great tracks.
Electro Hippies play fucking fast but even it out with some nice moody moments and a penchant for tongue in cheek lyrics. This recording feature's one Jeff Walker of Carcass fame amongst the Hippy line up.

Generic Side:
01 - Go For It
02 - No More Fear Of Feeling
03 - You And Me
04 - Retribution
05 - A Violation (Of Personal Space)
06 - Does Anyone Care - Silence Is Consent

Electro Hippies Side:
07 - Intro (Wrath Of Michael)
08 - Acid Rain
09 - Run Ronald
10 - Wings Of Death
11 - Terroreyes
12 - Theme Toon (Frash It Out)
13 - Am I Punk Yet
14 - The Reaper
15 - Next Time
16 - Vivisection Song
17 - Profit From Death
18 - Mega-Armageddon Death Pt3
19 - The Horns Of Hades

A classic split LP that can be obtained here:
Rar password is mboc

Flat Earth Records.

Dirt - Feast Or Famine Demo - 1993

Dirt's Demo from 1993. A couple of these tracks were re-recorded for their classic "Scent Of The Kill" ep.

01 - Tribal Dreams
02 - Lunacy Of Love
03 - Then
04 - Profit And Loss
05 - Guilty As Charged
06 - No Reason

Anti-System - No Laughing Matter LP - 1984

Anti-System's full length released in 1984 and what a stunning time less piece of classic Anarcho Punk!! Raging from start to finish and has always top lyrical content.

A Side:
01 - Rhetorical Stagnation
02 - The End Was Inevitable
03 - Brainwashed
04 - World That God Made
05 - Dying In Agony
06 - Big Fallout
07 - Dont Worry

B Side:
08 - Strange Love
09 - Wot No Meat
10 - No Laughing Matter
11 - So Long As
12 - Animal Welfare
13 - Empty Threats

Get the whole LP here
Rar password is mboc

Reconciliation Records.

Anti-System - A Look At Life 12 inch

Last recorded Anti-System 12" and a powerful record it is with a lot more of a metal tinge to it that some of their earlier work. Vocal delivery reminds me of Antisects "In Darkness.." LP. Great record.

01 - Take A Look At Life
02 - Leather, Bristles, Studs And Ignorance
03 - In My Eyes
04 - Paradise
05 - The Tables Must Turn

Reconciliation Records.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Gastunk - Dead Song LP - 1985

Gastunk's first full length. The title track is awesome and reminds me of the style they would unleash on "Under The Sun". I should rip that next I guess.

Side A:
01 - Mokujiroku
02 - Night Sight Light
03 - Warbird
04 - Taiji (Sad)
05 - Computer Crime

Side B:
06 - Fastest Dream
07 - Inter Loper
08 - The Eyes
09 - Dead Song

Download the LP here and check their site here

Password is mboc

Dogma Records

Anti-System - The Pax Compilation Tracks 1982-1984 - ep

Like the title says, this Bootleg 7" contains the compilation tracks from Pax Records Punk Dead, Nah Mate and Bollox To The Gonads Lp's.

01 - Man's World
02 - Breakout
03 - Why Should It Happen
04 - Schoolboy

A.O.A - Satisfactory Arrangement LP - 1988

Scottish Anarcho Punk. This was the their last record released in 1988 and contains 2 studio sessions. The A-side was recorded Nov 1987 and the B-side Dec 1986. I prefer the 1986 session but it's all good. Similar in style and sound to Anti-System.

A Side:
01 - Acceptance Of What
02 - Get To Fuck Out
03 - No - One Is Laughing
04 - Time To Realise
05 - From The Heart
06 - The Story So Far
07 - Paradise Lost

B Side:
08 - Scientific Slaughter
09 - No Immediate Danger
10 - Is This Life
11 - Material Profit
12 - Existing Not Living
13 - Does It Matter

Download the LP here and check their myspace.
**rar password is mboc

Endangered Musik