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Makabert Fynd - Makabert Fynd ep - 2008

The band started up 2008 with Mattis (Dobermann Cult) and Doltz (Dobermann Cult, The Dontcares). Mattis did the drumming and screaming and Doltz the guitars and Bass. When we in march got a gig booked we asked Tobbe (Vicious Art, The Dead) and Yasse (Afflicted) to join us. After that gig we decided to record 7 songs for a 7" to be released by Flat Black Recordings. Later Poffen of Totalitär joined us. Andre replaced Tobbe on bass and pulko replaced Doltz on guitar.

VA - The Punx LP

Originally a tape only release in 1985 and featuring a nice cross section of Japanese Punk bands. I don't when it was bootlegged on to vinyl but as always it's good to have vinyl.

Side A:
01 - Laughin Nose - In Japanese
02 - Laughin Nose - Hell Home
03 - Gas - World Peace
04 - Gas - In Japanese
05 - G.I.S.M - Shoot To Kill (For Epileptic Soldier)
06 - G.I.S.M - G.I.S.M

Side B:
07 - Willard - The End
08 - Willard - Stinky Vice
09 - Lip Cream - Price Of Innocence
10 - Lip Cream - Bandit
11 - Cobra - Worriers Rock
12 - Cobra - Worst Song

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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

VA - Chaotix / Marubullmen - Split LP - 2009

A classic split from two Japanese power house thrash bands. This has Heresy/Concrete Sox written all over it!!! Chaotix are very similar to Heresy or Ripcord which is great. Marubullmen are just Japanese through and through, actually reminds me of S.O.B (Leave Me Alone era) more than anything. Great split.

Chaotix Side:
01 - Drive To Hell
02 - Limitations
03 - Judge For Yourself
04 - Big Love
05 - Meaning
06 - Stand Up With Courage

Marubullmen Side:
07 - Destroyer
08 - Unbalance Zone
09 - Chin Shock
10 - Money Grappler
11 - MBM
12 - Play Loud In Hell

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No Value - Peaceful Violence ep - 2009

Another great Japanese hardcore band. Energetic with both male and female led vocals in different songs, they’ve been at it for years producing fast-core with perfect build ups, and the best ripping female vocals I’ve heard. Fast, raw, perfect.

01 - Just Alive
02 - Imitation Society
03 - Shoudou
04 - To The Last
05 - The Starry Sky
06 - Actual
07 - Changing Age Going Either

Under The Surface Records

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

S.O.B - Dub Grind LP - 1999

This is Naoto's vocal debut. He previously played bass for the band long ago
when the band formed. This is also Katsumi guitar debut, in which he's
considered a session member for this album.

The band would take a very experimental approach to their music, incorporating
many sound effects and dub moments over the hardcore music.

There exists a LP package with an alternative art layout packaging and blue LP
limited to 500 copies. (Encyclopaedia Metallum)

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01 - Less Than Zero
02 - Shoot Mind
03 - Mental Attitude
04 - Another Planet
05 - Sick Motion

06 - Castle Snatcher
07 - Missing L
08 - In Japanese
09 - Brilliant Free

Specialized Fact

Chaos U.K. - Making Half A Killing 12 inch - 1992

Originally released on the split LP "Making A Killing" with Raw Noise and latter re-issued in this 12" format. All covers.

01 - Police Story
02 - C. Rap
03 - Society
04 - Ain't Got A Clue
05 - Through With You
06 - Speed

Vinyl Japan

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The Execute - The Antagonistic Shadow LP - 1988

From what I read on the liner notes this would appear to be The Executes one and only full length. Most people would remember them from the Split 12" with German punk's Inferno released on Pushead's label. This is way less thrashy than their earlier work and as with Gastunk they seem to have taken a large influence from UK heavy weights like the Southern Death Cult and Killing Joke. This is a great record for those sombre moments, it has a lot of really nice guitar work and some awesome vocals. "The Human of the Ghoul" now is that an awesome song title or what!!

A Side:
01 - The Antagonistic Shadow
02 - Burning
03 - Dead Can Dance
04 - Escape
05 - Kyoto Lover

B Side:
06 - A Thousand Passion
07 - Mental Play
08 - Angel Moon
09 - The Human Of The Ghoul
10 - Gothic Waltz
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13 Grave Release / XXX Records.

Off Mask OO - Sonic Cold Crazy Reaction LP - 1986

OK, this is one fucking weird record. One moment it's crazy vocal ramblings then the next it's a hail of chaotic noise then a tune evolves then it digress' once more into the realm's of insanity. Some parts remind me of Rudimentary Peni "Cacophony" era but that is a very liberal comparison. Be what it may, it's Japanese, it's weird and it belongs on this blog.

A Side:
01 - Are You Ready?
02 - Sonic Cold Crazy Reaction
03 - In Japanese
04 - Highway Splatter (Baby!)
05 - In Japanese

B Side:
06 - In Japanese
07 - In Japanese
08 - In Japanese
09 - Love '86
10 - Punch Drunker
11 - I Don't Wanna Be Your Dog

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Selfish Records

Dead Kennedys - Halloween 12" - 1982

This 12" single has one of the best Dead Kennedys tracks on the B-Side "Saturday Night Holocaust". Neurosis did an amazing cover of this track on the Virus 100 Tribute. Not sure what countries this was released in but I got this from the UK.

01 - Halloween
02 - Saturday Night Holocaust

Alternative Tentacles / Statik Records.

Chaos Engine - Chaos Reigns, A "Ray" Of Hope Remains ep - 2007

Pretty stock standard Japanese Crust in the vein of Battle Of Disarm, not great but not bad either. Recorded in 2007 but from what I understand it took awhile to finally get released.

01 - Stain On The Field
02 - In Japanese
03 - In Japanese
04 - Permanent Atonement

DIY Records.

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