Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Chaos U.K. - Loud, Political And Uncompromising ep - 1982

Second vinyl release, actually sounds like it was recorded the same time as the "Burning Britain" ep.... Oh, and the scream at the start of "No Security" has to be heard to be believed.

Riot City Records.

Off! - Live At Generation Records ep - 2011

Hardcore super group Off! fucking shit up live @ Generation Records, NYC, October 2010.

If you don't know about Off! then.... let your education begin.

Vice Records.

Lost Cherrees - Another Bite Of The Cherrees ep - 2003

The reformation debut, which to be honest wasn't that great. I mean, I understand the world is still a giant shit hole and that serious social comment is needed but start a new band instead. I feel this way about most bands from the 80's when they reform 20 odd years later, it's just that. 20 years later...

This is not a bad record, in fact it's quite good BUT it's not the Lost Cherree's from 1983. Enjoy.

Alternative Records.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Oi Polloi - Outrage ep - 1988

Their second 7" released on W.O.W Records. Pretty much carried on from the first ep. Highly political Anarcho Punk. This also some pretty Heavy Metal guitar solo's which were quite prevalent on the "Unite and Win" LP and put me off these guys a little at the time, but now it's just fucking great. Also the packaging is crammed full of opinions and relevant articles as was the case with a lot of Oi Polloi's earlier releases. Death By Night would be my favorite track off this ep.

Words Of Warning Records.

Oi Polloi - Punx 'n' Skins ep

Compilation of four of Oi Pollio's earliest recordings. Rough and ready.

Fight 45 Records.

The Lost Patrol Band - Automatic Kids ep - 2006

So fucking catchy!! "We're the automatic kids...." I guarantee you will be singing along shortly after listening to this ep. Features a few of the usual Swedish lads from Refused and T[i]NC...

Ny Vag Records.

The Perukers - Distroyer ep - 2001

Second and last(?) ep from this Swedish band. More hero worship amongst a couple of original tunes. I never really understood their existence as a band but I do like their recordings, even if the Nirvana tribute is a bit 'naff.

01 - Race Against Time (G.B.H.)
03 - Police Bastard (Doom)
04 - Alternative (The Exploited)
06 - Untitled

Distortion Records.

Warhead - This World Of Confusion ep - 2011

Latest record from this crushing Japanese Hardcore band. Big production will make your ears bleed!! First new recordings in 7 years!!!

Dirt - Scent Of The Kill ep - 1994

My favorite DIRT release. It features Stick from Doom on the drum kit. A classic record.

Skuld Releases.

Against The Grain - Serious Arguments For Silent Darkness ep - 2011

Awesome Japanese Hardcore with a serious nod to Heresy era UK HC. Great release.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Oi Polloi - Resist The Atomic Menace ep - 1986

Well what can I really say about this ep? Classic UK Anarcho Punk. Intelligent lyrics delivered with malice from a guy who has an instantly recognized voice. The music is great, punchy bass lines, solid guitar and drumming. A fucking great release. To me, this has always been my favorite Oi Polloi release apart from the track "Silent Minority" from one of those old Rot Compilation LP's they use to pump out.

This is the first of many of their 7" records I'll add to the blog in the next few weeks.

Endangered Musik

Satan - Kiss Of Death ep -1981

Many have been quick to point out the direct influence that Motorhead, Venom and Diamond Head had on the early development of thrash metal, but Satan tends to be sort of an aside amongst the so-called founding fathers. However, when hearing the two songs that are found here, which have their origin in the very opening of the 80s, one can’t help but take note of the direction that this band was pointing toward. It still retains a strong remnant of the hard rock tendencies of Riot’s late 70s speed work and the punk trappings that could be heard in the faster offerings of Motorhead, but the marriage of this character with the darker guitar tone pioneered by Tony Iommi definitely points towards what Slayer ended up with on “Haunting The Chapel”.
Now the important thing to remember is that this is still very far removed from the dark, tonally chromatic character that personified the 84’ Slayer EP. In essence, “Kiss Of Death” is kind of a fancier answer to Iron Maiden’s “Prowler”, complete with a similarly unforgettable lead guitar theme loaded with wah pedal noise. Throughout the song there is an underlying tendency towards Sabbath-like riffing, complete with constant trill work and brief bluesy lead fills that take their cues directly from said band’s self-titled debut and “Paranoid”. In all, this is a song that perfectly captures that loose, free flowing tendency of the earlier NWOBHM releases that didn’t fully commit to the tighter riff work that more thrashing outfits like Blitzkrieg and Diamond Head imputed into Metallica.
“Heads Will Roll” is a classic example of that crunchy, riff happy, spirit speed metal that is just a little too complex for Motorhead, yet too fast and bouncy for Sabbath. It is loaded with lead fills that intermingle with fairly elaborate riff work and Trev Robinson’s gravely growls, both of which were probably a heavy influence on Dave Mustaine once he struck out on his own with Megadeth. But it can’t be emphasized enough that unlike the aforementioned thrash band, or Maiden when they did comparatively fast songs, Satan is still working with this looser rock tendency that is more readily associated with late 70s and early 80s Judas Priest.
Although a pretty difficult to procure rarity, from a collector’s standpoint, this is a significant piece of early underground Metal history that should definitely be pursued if feasible. It has about the same significance as the early Metallica demos, though obviously there is a bit more hype surrounding them, especially here in the states. And like said demos, it is just a good load of fun to listen to, in spite, or rather because of its archaic nature.
Taken from here:

Reality Crisis - Sound Of Destruction ep - 2011

New ep from Japan's crusty E.N.T worshippers "Reality Crisis". It's alright but was a little bit of a let down. I think I need a few more listens before condemning it....

H:G Fact

Ram - Under The Scythe ep - 2011

Straight up fucking Heavy Metal from this Swedish band.
You may still be able to get this from High Roller!

High Roller Records

Chaos U.K. - Burning Britain ep - 1982

First 7" from this great UK Punk band. They have pumped out a ton of records over the years and most of them have been great but this is where it all started.

Please excuse the pops and crackle, this record has had a lot of play over many years.

Riot City Records

ANB/ANS - Tribute To Gang Green 5" - 2009

Gang Green, kings of the Beers. Decent little tribute 5" - novelty value is high!!

Tank Crimes

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Circle Flex - Nerd Youth Organization ep - 2011

Circle Flex from Setouchi in Japan lay down some great early 80's US Hardcore. Ltd to 300 copies.

Conflict - The House That Man Built/To A Nation Of Animal Lovers 12"

Combined 12 inch of the first two studio ep's from Conflict. "The House That Man Built" was originally on Crass Records and "To A Nation Of Animal Lovers" was released on Corpus Christi.

The House That Man Built (1982)
01 - Conflict
03 - Wargames

To A Nation Of Animal Lovers (1983)

Corpus Christi

Monday, 25 July 2011

Culture Shock - Go Wild MLp - 1986

The first vinyl release from the band to emerge out of the ashes of the Subhumans. Sort of a continuation of the final records from them any way. Not a bad little release although the two remixes on the b side are a waste of space. Treat it as a nice little warm up for "Onwards & Upwards" which, in my opinion is a classic.

Side A:
01 - Punks On Postcards
02 - Go Wild (My Son)
03 - Messed Up
04 - Six Foot Rooms
Side B:
05 - Ten Per Cent Off
06 - Circles
07 - Mothers On The Phone
08 - All (Messed Up) Together

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Password as always is: mboc

Bluurg Records.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Candlemass - Don't Fear The Reaper 12" - 2010

Awesome 12 inch Single from Candlemass featuring two covers. Limited pressing now sold out.

Here's a nice article about the release.

01 - Don't Fear The Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult)
02 - All Along The Watchtower (Jimi Hendrix)

High Roller Records.

Candlemass - Death Magic Doom - Bonus 7" - 2009

Bonus 7 inch ep from their 2009 epic "Death Magic Doom" limited LP release.

01 - Lucifer Rising (Album Outtake)
02 - White God (ep Version)

Nuclear Blast Records

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Nausea - Lie Cycle ep - 1992

Not as powerful as their Cybergod 7" but still a decent record.

01 - Lie Cycle
02 - Fallout

Graven Image Records

Corrosion Of Conformity - Your Tomorrow ep - 2010

Latest release from C.O.C. Bit of a weird one with two versions of the same song. Comes on very heavy vinyl.

Southern Lord.

Broken Bones - Trader In Death MLp - 1987

One of the better Broken Bones releases.

RFB Recordings

Friday, 10 June 2011

VA - Eye Of The Thrash Guerrilla Lp - 1988

Fantastic Japanese Compilation LP originally released on the legendary Selfish Records. This copy is a nicely done Bootleg, but it did save me several $100 on trying to track an orginal. Just check the line up of bands!!

Side A:
01 - Death Side - Black Lie
02 - Death Side - Mirror
03 - Death Side - Fool Fool Fool
04 - Death Side - Mass Medias Pets
05 - Tetsuarei - No Machine Trouble
06 - Tetsuarei - Dangers Latent
07 - Tetsuarei - Sassy
08 - Raise Cain - Lost Child
09 - Raise Cain - Nothing Nothing
10 - Raise Cain - Price Of Trade
11 - Raise Cain - S.D.I.

Side B:
12 - S.O.B - (Just A) Nightmare
13 - S.O.B - Mental Attitude
14 - S.O.B - Humanity Of Stupids
15 - Nightmare - Positive Fact
16 - Nightmare - In Japanese
17 - Nightmare - Keys To Mind
18 - Nightmare - Give The Low To You
19 - Crow - Disgust
20 - Crow - Give Up All Hope - The Day Of Annihilation
21 - Crow - Im Looking Out Over
22 - Crow - Dance Of Death
23 - Crow - Bloody Earth

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Septic Death - Core Of Reality Lp - Bootleg

If I'm not mistaken this would have just about every studio recording from Septic Death. A nicely compiled Bootleg.

01 - Burial
02 - Disinfect
03 - Forest Of The Megalomaniac
04 - Quit
05 - Dream Silent
06 - Child
07 - Terrorain
08 - Thaw(Cold World)
09 - Poison Mask
10 - Hardware
11 - Silence
12 - The Evolution Garden
13 - Unprotected Games
14 - Change
15 - Demon
16 - Control
17 - Negative Threat
18 - Sweat Of A Nightmare
19 - Core Of Reality
20 - Never Trust
21 - Mental Cancer
22 - Fear
23 - Advantage
24 - Gore Story
25 - Kharma Khamatic
26 - Glue - Step
27 - Insanity
28 - Crocodile Tears
29 - Disentery
30 - Laughter Of A Thief
31 - The Psychiatrist
32 - Lethargik Boss
33 - Language Of The Damned
34 - Kichigai

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