Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Fits - The Last Laugh ep - 1982

Great ep from The Fits. Raw 80's Punk but catchy none the less.

Rondelet Music.

Witchgrave - The Devils Night 12" - 2010

Blackened Heavy Metal from Sweden.

High Roller Records.

Züül - Howl Of The Wolf ep - 2010

Great Heavy Metal from US band Züül.

You should still be able to score this ep and their other releases through High Roller in Germany.

High Roller Records

Friday, 18 March 2011

Deathtribe / Kriegshog - Split ep - 2009

Nice split.

Deathtribe as you can guess is total Discharge worship.

Kriegshog aim at the Swedish market.
Good record.

03 - Zouo

06 - The End

Mad Maniax / Marubullmen - Mad Speed Kills ep - 2010

Great split 7". I'm not sold on Mad Maniax but Marubullmen are fucking great, reminding me more and more of "Don't Be Swindle" era S.O.B which I love.

Mad Maniax:

Fine Tuning Records.

The Fits - Fact Or Fiction ep - 1985

There final vinyl outing. Way more an indie approach on this and the "Action" ep which were both release on Trapper Records. Think of a more aggressive "New Model Army" or "The Alarm". It's alright and worth listening too again over a pint.

Trapper Records.

Midnight Rider - Midnight Rider 12" - 2007

Straight up hard rocking Heavy Metal from several members of Metal Inquisitor. Good stuff.

Rock Saviour

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Open Tomb - Demo Tracks - 2011

Here's what became of Gawj. Myself, Dane and Kaleb formed "Open Tomb" but we all changed instruments from what we were playing when in Gawj. Also a complete reversal of genre with Open Tomb going for the whole slow as fuck approach unlike Gawj who barely contained themselves on the verge of white noise.

You can check out 4 tracks on the Open Tomb Bandcamp page

Despair - Part 1 (Recognition)
Despair - Part 2 (Realization)
Despair - Part 3 (Acceptance)
Life Fucker

United Blasphemy Music.