Thursday, 30 June 2011

Candlemass - Don't Fear The Reaper 12" - 2010

Awesome 12 inch Single from Candlemass featuring two covers. Limited pressing now sold out.

Here's a nice article about the release.

01 - Don't Fear The Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult)
02 - All Along The Watchtower (Jimi Hendrix)

High Roller Records.

Candlemass - Death Magic Doom - Bonus 7" - 2009

Bonus 7 inch ep from their 2009 epic "Death Magic Doom" limited LP release.

01 - Lucifer Rising (Album Outtake)
02 - White God (ep Version)

Nuclear Blast Records

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Nausea - Lie Cycle ep - 1992

Not as powerful as their Cybergod 7" but still a decent record.

01 - Lie Cycle
02 - Fallout

Graven Image Records

Corrosion Of Conformity - Your Tomorrow ep - 2010

Latest release from C.O.C. Bit of a weird one with two versions of the same song. Comes on very heavy vinyl.

Southern Lord.

Broken Bones - Trader In Death MLp - 1987

One of the better Broken Bones releases.

RFB Recordings

Friday, 10 June 2011

VA - Eye Of The Thrash Guerrilla Lp - 1988

Fantastic Japanese Compilation LP originally released on the legendary Selfish Records. This copy is a nicely done Bootleg, but it did save me several $100 on trying to track an orginal. Just check the line up of bands!!

Side A:
01 - Death Side - Black Lie
02 - Death Side - Mirror
03 - Death Side - Fool Fool Fool
04 - Death Side - Mass Medias Pets
05 - Tetsuarei - No Machine Trouble
06 - Tetsuarei - Dangers Latent
07 - Tetsuarei - Sassy
08 - Raise Cain - Lost Child
09 - Raise Cain - Nothing Nothing
10 - Raise Cain - Price Of Trade
11 - Raise Cain - S.D.I.

Side B:
12 - S.O.B - (Just A) Nightmare
13 - S.O.B - Mental Attitude
14 - S.O.B - Humanity Of Stupids
15 - Nightmare - Positive Fact
16 - Nightmare - In Japanese
17 - Nightmare - Keys To Mind
18 - Nightmare - Give The Low To You
19 - Crow - Disgust
20 - Crow - Give Up All Hope - The Day Of Annihilation
21 - Crow - Im Looking Out Over
22 - Crow - Dance Of Death
23 - Crow - Bloody Earth

Start thrashing your local freedom fighters here:
Password is mboc


Septic Death - Core Of Reality Lp - Bootleg

If I'm not mistaken this would have just about every studio recording from Septic Death. A nicely compiled Bootleg.

01 - Burial
02 - Disinfect
03 - Forest Of The Megalomaniac
04 - Quit
05 - Dream Silent
06 - Child
07 - Terrorain
08 - Thaw(Cold World)
09 - Poison Mask
10 - Hardware
11 - Silence
12 - The Evolution Garden
13 - Unprotected Games
14 - Change
15 - Demon
16 - Control
17 - Negative Threat
18 - Sweat Of A Nightmare
19 - Core Of Reality
20 - Never Trust
21 - Mental Cancer
22 - Fear
23 - Advantage
24 - Gore Story
25 - Kharma Khamatic
26 - Glue - Step
27 - Insanity
28 - Crocodile Tears
29 - Disentery
30 - Laughter Of A Thief
31 - The Psychiatrist
32 - Lethargik Boss
33 - Language Of The Damned
34 - Kichigai

Get your Insanity here:
Password is mboc


The Fits - Action ep - 1984

Their second to last recording. Yet again it's more of a rocking punk sound than their original roots had them sounding like. Released on Trapper Records. It also came with a postcard of the cover to send to your friends, haha.

01 - Action

Trapper Records.

Nausea - Cybergod ep - 1990

Awesome, classic 7" record from New York's Nausea.

Allied Recordings

Contrast Attitude - Sick Brain Extreme Addict ep - 2003

Pretty raging Japanese d-beat thrash, their best work.

MCR Company

Thursday, 9 June 2011

D.O.A. - War On 45 MLp - 1982

Classic D.O.A. This is the UK pressing.

Alternative Tentacles.

Gibbed - Eternal Life - Flexi - 1990

Japanese Death/Grind band released on Sound Of Burial Records. Nothing great or outstanding but not too shit either.

Sound Of Burial Records

INTI - The Glory In Subversion - Demo CDR - 2002

From Sweden comes ex-members of Demon System 13, Cult of Luna, Separation, and Greed playing some rugged and heavy hardcore/punk with slight touches of dissonant melody and a good dose of speed. I'm not familiar with Separation or Greed, but this is a lot more aggressive and darker than D.S.-13 was, and it's really not very much like Cult of Luna at all. Think plodding chord progressions, scathing vocal screams, lots of textured distortion, solid tempo variation, etc. At times I must say I hear bits and pieces that remind me a little bit of the His Hero is Gone type of stuff, but this is different... I can't put my finger on it. I like the fact that everything plays an equal role. The basslines are very important, the drum fills are tight, the guitars aren't dominant, the vocals mingle well, and so on. "Dehumanizer" starts out with some faster and more straightforward hardcore/punk that definitely has a Swedish crust sort of atmosphere to it, later slowing down to a destructive pace - driven by bass and drums... but the straightforward Scandinavian attack makes a return and never lets up during the brief "Empire". Meanwhile "I, the Parasite" is slower and heavier, bearing slight similarities to Cult of Luna but with a rawer sound and a more stripped down, direct approach. But it's also longer than the other songs and has a lot of nice dissonance and repetition working in its favor. I like the recording. The bass tone is fucking awesome and plays a huge role in the throbbing low-end that drives the material, the drums sound natural and crisp, the guitars are appropriately distorted - heavy but with a fuzzy sheen, and the vocals are unrelenting, mixed in perfectly with the music. No complaints here. They might be a bit more powerful with a cleaner mix, but I think that taking everything into consideration this unpolished but not lacking recording style is very effective. The CD-R comes in a plain white sleeve with the band name spraypainted on the front and the tracklist on the back. Inside are several loose xeroxes with lyrics and photos, as well as song explanations. The lyrics (most of which are in English) tend to deal with depression, capitalism, and the ways of the working world, best summed up by the explanation of the final track, "I, the Parasite": "A lyric on the subject of the everyday war against depression, wage slavery, and the consequences of living under capitalism. I've always wanted to hate rather than fear." This is a solid release. I assume it's basically a demo, but either way it's a great start for this band. My eyes are peeled for future efforts... Review stolen from

Order - Saru ep - 2007

Japan's Order belt out some interesting music on this release. Track one has that distinct underlying Ska feel to it, while the second song has a late 70's punk feel. Good songs.

01 - Sirokuro
02 - Zero

HG Fact.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Righteous Fool - Righteous Fool ep - 2009

Not sure what's going on here..
Will add tracks.

"Started in 2008, featuring Reed Mullin (drums) and Mike Dean (bass) of legendary hardcore punk/thrash/rock band Corrosion of Conformity and Jason Browning (guitar)."

Pretty smooth Southern Rock with just enough of an edge to keep it exciting.
Looks like they are just completing their first full length...

Southern Lord

Sluts - What Made You This Way? ep - 2010

Japanese Hardcore band from Osaka with an American Vocalist. Surprisingly this reminds me more of late 80's UK Hardcore such as The Stupids or Jailcell Recipes. It's a great record, with a great recording and will have you slamming around your room in next to no time!!

02 - Chuudoku
03 - Tragedy
04 - Celebrity

Love Over Voltage Records.

Assfort - The Unlimited Variety Of Noises ep - 1992

This would probably be my favorite Assfort record, just good, straight up Japanese Hardcore.