Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Chaos U.K. - Loud, Political And Uncompromising ep - 1982

Second vinyl release, actually sounds like it was recorded the same time as the "Burning Britain" ep.... Oh, and the scream at the start of "No Security" has to be heard to be believed.

Riot City Records.

Off! - Live At Generation Records ep - 2011

Hardcore super group Off! fucking shit up live @ Generation Records, NYC, October 2010.

If you don't know about Off! then.... let your education begin.

Vice Records.

Lost Cherrees - Another Bite Of The Cherrees ep - 2003

The reformation debut, which to be honest wasn't that great. I mean, I understand the world is still a giant shit hole and that serious social comment is needed but start a new band instead. I feel this way about most bands from the 80's when they reform 20 odd years later, it's just that. 20 years later...

This is not a bad record, in fact it's quite good BUT it's not the Lost Cherree's from 1983. Enjoy.

Alternative Records.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Oi Polloi - Outrage ep - 1988

Their second 7" released on W.O.W Records. Pretty much carried on from the first ep. Highly political Anarcho Punk. This also some pretty Heavy Metal guitar solo's which were quite prevalent on the "Unite and Win" LP and put me off these guys a little at the time, but now it's just fucking great. Also the packaging is crammed full of opinions and relevant articles as was the case with a lot of Oi Polloi's earlier releases. Death By Night would be my favorite track off this ep.

Words Of Warning Records.

Oi Polloi - Punx 'n' Skins ep

Compilation of four of Oi Pollio's earliest recordings. Rough and ready.

Fight 45 Records.

The Lost Patrol Band - Automatic Kids ep - 2006

So fucking catchy!! "We're the automatic kids...." I guarantee you will be singing along shortly after listening to this ep. Features a few of the usual Swedish lads from Refused and T[i]NC...

Ny Vag Records.

The Perukers - Distroyer ep - 2001

Second and last(?) ep from this Swedish band. More hero worship amongst a couple of original tunes. I never really understood their existence as a band but I do like their recordings, even if the Nirvana tribute is a bit 'naff.

01 - Race Against Time (G.B.H.)
03 - Police Bastard (Doom)
04 - Alternative (The Exploited)
06 - Untitled

Distortion Records.

Warhead - This World Of Confusion ep - 2011

Latest record from this crushing Japanese Hardcore band. Big production will make your ears bleed!! First new recordings in 7 years!!!

Dirt - Scent Of The Kill ep - 1994

My favorite DIRT release. It features Stick from Doom on the drum kit. A classic record.

Skuld Releases.

Against The Grain - Serious Arguments For Silent Darkness ep - 2011

Awesome Japanese Hardcore with a serious nod to Heresy era UK HC. Great release.