Monday, 20 February 2012

Bloomcore - Bloomcore ep - 2001

Interesting Hardcore/Garage mix from this Swedish band. Actually very catchy release. Nice.

Self Released

High Spirits - Let's Rock ep - 2010

Take a double take at the year of this release, yes that's right it's not the 80's anymore but you wouldn't know listening to High Spirits. Heavy Metal done old school.

Self Released.

Motordamn - Over The Top ep - 1979

Apparently this is what you get when you throw The Damned and Motorhead in to a studio an leave them to it. A little disappointing to be honest. You be the judge.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Rocky And The Sweden - 844 ep - 1999

Great 7" from this Japanese band, even if the cover art is less than great!!

01 - 844
03 - Bellend Bop (G.B.H.)

Blood Sucker, Rebelabel Planning

Low Vision - Touch The Truth ep - 2011

Blazing Jap Thrash in the vein of Breakfast, Jellyroll Rockheads or Lie.
Throw in some soulful moments, some Reggae/Dub bass lines, insane vocals and you have Low Vision, from Tokyo don't ya know!!

04 - Wanna Be

625, To Live A Lie, Give Praise, Arcade Crazy Records.

Imperial Leather - Excuses For Future Fuck-Up's ep - 2002

Pretty sweet rocking Swedish Punk Rock fronted by a Yank!! This is a lot harsher than their more polished efforts put out on PE Records.
Last track is awesome.

Instigate Rehk'dz

General Surgery - Necrology ep - 1991

Straight up Carcass worship, no frills but done well.

Relapse Records.

Chaos U.K. - Secret Men ep - 1993

Well you can't ever really have too much Chaos U.K. can you? 7" about Secret Men and Cider!!

Slap Up Records

Chaos U.K. - Headfuck ep - 1993

Probably my favorite Chaos U.K. ep features two cracking tracks.

Desperate Attempt Records.