Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Terrible Feelings - Impending Doom 7" - 2011

Awesome Garage Punk Rock, currently on very high rotation. Their Shadows LP hasn't left my turntable in weeks!

Deranged Records.

Desperat - Suicide Attack ep - 2010

One of my favorite new bands at the moment. Crushing, ballistic Swedish D-Beat that I haven't had the pleasure of hearing since I first heard Skitsystem all those years ago. Contains past members from some of Sweden's best. Mob 47, Totalt Jävla Mörker, Ambulance and more.

Check them out then go find this ep and their growing back log of vinyl!

01 - Suicide Attack
02 - Love Song
03 - Children Should Play
04 - Computer Control

World Funeral Records

Crass - Our Wedding 7" - 2008 (Boot)

Crass or in this incarnation (Creative Recording And Sound Services) with their legendary hoax aimed at UK Teen Magazine "Loving" who gave this away free back in 1981.

This has been re-pressed on white vinyl and was Limited to 300 copies. It was originally a flexi disc.

Read the whole story here:

01 - Our Wedding

Crass Records