Monday, 25 March 2013

Attack SS - No Nukes ep - 2012

Pretty good follow up to their first ep, not as blown out as before but still a wall of chaos and white noise!!

I couldn't split the tracks this time.

A - Nuclear Time Bomb / Freedom And Restriction
B - Ideal Future By Our Hands / P.O.L.I.B.A.S.

Distort Reality

The Insane / The Skeptix - Split 7 inch - 1984

Awesome split 7 inch from these two UK 80's punk bands, I have to say they are the best tracks I have heard from them.

01 - The Insane - Berlin Wall
02 - The Skeptix - Vendetta

White Rose Records

Dead Man's Shadow - The 4p's Lp - 1982

I've already posted a couple of these guys older 7 inch records in the past so I thought I'd let you enjoy their debut LP. It's a great record.

Side One:
01 - Neighbours
02 - Don't Be Told
03 - When Out Blood Is Spilled
04 - Needles
05 - Will Power
06 - Action
07 - Greed

Side Two:
08 - We Can Do It Together
09 - Insecure
10 - Danger UXB
11 - O.H.M.S.
12 - Perfect World
13 - Reject Slips
14 - Anthem

Rar file is locked and the password is mboc
Get it here:

Expulsion Records

Friday, 8 March 2013

The Wankys - Please For Fuck Me 7" flexi - 2010

Noisey lo-fi Japan worship straight from some dodgy pub in England.

Included of issue #12 of Ploppy Pants fanzine.

01 - Please For Fuck Me
02 - Punk Rock Life

Problem? Records

Studfaust - Half Human Half Dynamite 7" - 2012

Old school Punk Metal straight out of Norway. Don't be fooled, this isn't some long lost gem from the early 80's but the bastard creation of Tore Bratseth (The Battalion) and Bard Faust (Blood Tsunami).

Sex, Drugs and Metal!!

01 - Half Human Half Dynamite
02 - 1980's Ladies

Soul Seller Records

Violators - Summer Of 81 7" - 1982

Early 80's UK Punk from the Violators who apart from a few ep's didn't amount to much, but in saying that the two early ep's they released were great.

How could you get away with a chorus like "Rumpa, rumpa, rumpa, hey, hey" if the music wasn't excellant.

01 - Summer Of 81
02 - Live Fast-Die Young

No Future Records.

Revulsion - The Only Revolution ep - 1991

First time I heard Revulsion was on a Compilation 7" called Consolidation which also featured Rhetoric and Deviated Instinct. I recall them being a little more "crusty" on that 7" but I might be wrong.

This is a not a bad record, musically I really like it with that 90's UK melodic hardcore feel. The vocals are a little on the whiny side but hey you make up your own minds.

01 - The Only Revolution
02 - All I Could See

Nabate Records.

Poison Idea - Sub Pop Singles Series - 1990

Awesome 7" from Portland's Finest. Not much to really say.... you either love them or not so much!

Check it out.

01 - Taken By Surprise
02 - We Got The Beat

Sub Pop Records.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Technocracy - Diary Of A Terrorist 12" - 2011

As their name suggests this Japanese band are influenced by Corrosion Of Conformity, I'd add a fair dose of The Accused to the mix as well. Massive production makes this a killer release and thankfully so because it cost a fuck load to get.

01 - Diary Of A Terrorist
02 - Aggressor

Guerrilla Records

Pyogenesis - Ode To The Churning Seas Of Nar-Mataru Demo - 1991

Germany's Pyogenesis with their debut demo circa 1991. Really dark and heavy Death Metal. They later released a great debut LP for French label Osmose but sadly after that it was all down hill from there.

01 - Ode To The Churning Seas Of Nar-Mataru
02 - Rise Of The Unholy
03 - Repulsive, Fetid And Festered
04 - Path Below The Skull
05 - Considering The Majesty Of Doom
06 - Unexpected Disclosure

Self Released

Oi Polloi - THC ep - 1999

Another great Oi Polloi ep. Most of the ep's I've posted are well out of print but please support this great long standing Scottish band by buying their records when you can.

Find out when these yobs are near your town next!

01 - T.H.C.
02 - Sex With Strangers
03 - Simon Weston
04 - Meine Augen

Campary Records

Friday, 1 March 2013

Forward - Devil's Cradle ep - 2012

Really powerful dark Hardcore form Tokyo. This is there first new recording in a long time, but it sure as fuck was worth the wait and a nice little teaser before being completely knocked down by the monster that is their "War Nuke And Death Sentence" LP

Flipout A.A - Outburst Of Emotions ep - 2012

Great fun Hardcore Punk from Tokyo's Flipout A.A it's just so toe tappingly good!! I love the group vocals.
These guys seem to have been around for years but have had very little released, I think there was a demo and a CD on 625, I'm probably wrong.

01 - Full On Reckless Run
02 - In Japanese
03 - Border Line
04 - I Feel So Good
05 - Herb Life
06 - Your Self

Crew For Life Records

Crass - Sheep Farming In The Falklands flexi - 1983

The Crass response to the Falklands had been pretty much the loudest vocal opposition outside the usual suspects in Parliament. Their first response was a flexi ‘Sheep Farming In The Falklands’, a rather cheap and nasty jibe at the British Army that envisaged soldiers fucking sheep and relied on the double-entendre ‘the Royal Marines are coming’.
“I think we did 20,000 of them,” says Penny who played the radio commentator in the style of Monty Python.“We wanted to get some- thing funny and vocal out there. It was actually before the Belgrano went down that I wrote it. When it just seemed like a joke, because no-one had been hurt at that point. I remember we were on tour doing ‘Sheep Farming’ . . . we had a huge banner with all the words on it. Eve would go along with a stick and the idea was everyone sung along – it was great fun.We were actually on tour when the Belgrano went down and the whole thing wasn’t funny any more . . . it turned into something which was costing lives.We really had a big problem – do we go on doing this song? We did, but the whole colouration changed.
“There was reference to the sinking of the Sheffield – at that point we were still too nervous to make it a clean public statement.We decided that in the event of anyone pinning us down on it, we could say it was a bootleg – someone must have recorded us at a gig – ‘nothing to do with us mate’. Rough Trade agreed to stick it in any old album – that’s how we got it out.”
It was also possible to simply go into Rough Trade and ask them for the new Crass flexi, which they simply took off a pile on the counter and gave you.
info tacken from
Crass Records