Thursday, 23 May 2013

Uproar - Die For Me ep - 1983

This ep is quite awesome. Some great chorus vocals and catchy music. This is their second ep, you can check their discography out at Punky Gibbon which is a great site and has a ton of old Punk bands to check out.

01 - Better Off Dead
02 - It's Not You
03 - Have A Good Laugh
04 - Dead Rockers
05 - Die For Me

Beat The System!!

Realities Of War - Constructs Of Life ep - 2011

As the same would suggest this is Political d-beat from the U.K. Originally recorded in 2006 but only released in 2011.
I don't really have anything to add but if you know something about them then please leave a comment.

Tracks blend into each so have left the sides intact.

01 - Intro / When Will We Ever Learn? / Torture Chamber / Orwell Nation
02 - Complicit / Look Within

Multi-Label release.

Detestation - Europa '98 7" - 1998

Limited edition one sided 7". Not much more to add really.

01 - Controls
02 - Circle The Wagons (Live)

Consensus Reality.

Citizens Arrest - Soaked In Others Blood ep - 2011

Citizens Arrest comeback release, I've said it before when some of my favorite Anarcho Punk bands from the mid to late 80's reformed and released new material....  it just seems to lack the spark and the anger that their earlier releases had. May be it's something to do with being more mellowed with age or some shit.

Don't get me wrong this ep is good but it's no "Colossus"...

01 - Obtumescent Harpocrasy (The Silent Remains)
02 - Soaked In Others Blood
03 - Family At Your Throat
04 - Open Wound


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Systematic Death - Systema 8 ep - 2011

Raging Japanese Punk from one of the longest running bands of their generation.

01 - Sakitchodakedemo
02 - Born In Japan
03 - Man Made
04 - iPepole

Way Back When Records.
Even Worse Records.

VA - Black Army Jacket / Noothgrush - Split ep - 1996

Awesome split 7" which came with Issue #2 of Monkeybite.

Black Army Jacket:
01 - Make It Stop! Make It Stop!
02 - Corpselawimage
03 - Pretenders To The Throne

04 - 29th Scroll (6th Verse)

Monkeybite Records

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Döraid - Eyes Of Desire ep - 2013

Metallic Punk from Döraid. Limited to 500 numbered copies and soon to be near impossible to find.
They bust out a great version of the Blood's Megalomania.

01 - Firebird
02 - Eyes Of Desire
03 - Megalomania

Strong Mind Japan.

Vice Squad - Special Edition Tour 12" - 1981

Another relic of the 1980's. This collects their Last Rockers and Resurrection 7" records on one 12".

Side A: "Last Rockers"
01  - Living On Dreams
02  - Latex Love
03  - Last Rockers

Side B: "Resurrection"
04  - Young Blood
05  - Humane
06  - Resurrection

Obtain it here:
Password is mboc

Riot City Records.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Icon A.D. - Don't Feed Us Shit ep - 1982

Female fronted UK Anarcho Punk band from the early 80's. Musically parts of this remind me of Stiff Little Fingers. The paper sleeves on these old Radical Change release were absolute shit and near impossible to look after.

There was a complete discography CD released which would be worth tracking down, details can be found on Discogs.

01 - Fight For Peace
02 - You Fight To Kill
03 - Face The Facts
04 - What's Your Name?

Radical Change Records

VA - Punk And Disorderly - Further Charges Lp - 1982

I loved these Punk and Disorderly compilations when they came out domestically here in New Zealand. For us it was a great way to hear these bands as we had little exposure to what was happening in the punk scene world wide. I still enjoy these LP's today.

Side A:
01 - GBH - Sick Boy
02 - The Expelled - Dreaming
03 - The Insane - El Salvador
04 - One Way System - Stab The Judge
05 - Court Martial - Gotta Get Out
06 - Action Pact - London Bouncers
07 - The Dark - The Masque
08 - Violators - Gangland

Side B:
09 - Channel 3 - Ive Got A Gun
10 - Abrasive Wheels - Vicious Circle
11 - The Enemy - Fallen Hero
12 - Riot Clone - Death To Humanity
13 - The Wall - Hobby For A Day
14 - Disorder - More Than Fights
15 - Erazerhead - Shellshock
16 - Vice Squad - Resurrection

So grab a glue bag and pogo till you puke!
Password is: mboc

Anagram via Music World NZ

Last Bomb - Retro Firing ep - 1986

Pretty awesome ep. A bit more chaotic than their more punk driven 12" which I posted a while back, but still has that heavy UK influence. Quite hard to find at a reasonable price these days.

01 - Freedom
02 - Gear
03 - Persecutive Mania
04 - Until You Know
05 - Your
06 - Terrorist
07 - Dreams And Hopes

Selfish Records.

Avfall - Dish It Out ep - 2012

More blown out fuzz punk from Tokyo's Avfall on this their second 7". Good stuff.

01 - Dish It Out
02 - Anti Social
03 - Hatred
04 - Lifeless
05 - Assfall
06 - Confession

Hardcore Survives.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Terrible Feelings - Blank Heads ep - 2011

I love this band, one of my favorites of the last few years.

01 - Blank Heads
02 - The Moon
03 - Trash And Burn
04 - Hollow

Erste Theke Tonträger Records.

Nerveskade - Acid Attack ep - 2009

Noisey, noisey chaos gutter punk from Portland. Kind of like a musical mutant of Japanese terror punk like Death Dust Extractor or Zyanose but with the singer from Disorder thrown in the mix!

Near impossible to split the tracks on each side so I didn't.

Side A - Nerveskade / Germ Warfare / War
Side B - Sick In The Head / System Hell

Whisper In Darkness Records.

Oi Polloi - Let The Boots Do The Talking ep - 1999

Pretty good record. Toe tapping, fist waving, facist bashing good times!

01 - It Doesn't Have To Be Like This
02 - Let The Boots Do The Talking
03 - Stay Alert
04 - Fuck The National Lottery
05 - Threshers - Fuck Off

Ruptured Ambitons.

School Jerks - School Jerks ep - 2009

No frills Hardcore from this Canadian outfit. It's great, it's raw, it's fast and it's ugly!!

01 - Nothing Else
02 - Stray
03 - Passed Out

Riff Raff Records.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Fatal Microbes - Violence Grows 7" - 1979

Fatal Microbes were a UK punk group that existed in the late 1970s. Honey Bane was the lead singer. Other band members were Gem Stone on drums, Pete Fender on guitar, and Scotty Boy Barker who was briefly replaced as bassist by.
In 1979, Small Wonder and XNTRIX Records co-released a split 12" EP entitled "Violence Grows", which also featured the Poison Girls (whose singer, Vi Subversa, was also mother to Gem Stone and Pete Fender). Due to the popularity of Fatal Microbes, Small Wonder Records released a 7" single featuring "Violence Grows", which was hailed as a classic by John Peel.
Honey Bane later had a career as a solo artist, a film and stage actress, and a model. Pete Fender subsequently went on to form Rubella Ballet with Gem Stone (bass) and Sid Ation (drums) who was later also in Flux of Pink Indians. Fender later released a 7" EP, "Four Formulas", under his own name on XNTRIX records. Fender and It had originally met when they formed the band Punktuation in 1977. With an average age of 13 years, they were amongst the youngest punk bands in the country at the time. Later, Fender was also a member of Omega Tribe. Obviously stolen from Wikipedia.

Small Wonder Records.

Astaroth - Astaroth 7" - 2011

Before Roky Erickson was standing for the fire demon, before Jinx Dawson was stripping on the altar for unlawful carnal knowledge and long before current occult rockers such as Ghost and The Devil's Blood were even a gleam in Lucifer's radiant eye...the unknown soldiers of Astaroth were taking the cloven hoof to the streets! Unseen Forces is proud to announce the extremely limited reissue of the elusive and only known recording by this mysterious late 1960's Motor City proto-street metal ensemble. Original pressings command hundreds of dollars online and Unseen Forces is committed to returning these righteous hymns to where they belong in an affordable and beautiful format. Two incredibly powerful offerings of Goetic psychedelia lovingly remastered for 7" 45rpm vinyl and charged with the sigil of Astaroth and her corresponding color attributes. The return of True Occult Street Metal Magic is here!  Limited to 500!

Unseen Forces.

Cross Stitched Eyes - I ep - 2007

Just fucking outstanding!! That's how I describe this band, they are the perfect incarnation of Rudimentary Peni, can't really explain it better. Go find their records now!

01 - Rot
02 - Suffer
03 - Cast Out
04 - Stitched

Ruin Nation Records.

Entombed - Stranger Aeons 12" - 1992

Released in 1991 for the "Gods Of Grind" tour with Carcass, Cathedral and Confessor.

01 - Stranger Aeons
02 - Dusk
03 - Shreds Of Flesh

Earache Records.

Entombed - Crawl 12" - 1991

Crawl is an EP by the Swedish death metal band Entombed. It was released in 1991 by Earache Records as an appetizer to the new album Clandestine. This EP featured Orvar Säfström from Nirvana 2002 on vocals.

01 - Crawl
02 - Forsaken
03 - Bitter Loss

Earache Records.