Friday, 27 June 2014

The Business - One Common Voice 7" - 1997

Well this is something I hardly ever post genre wise and that's Oi! I'm not a big fan of Oi but The Business I've always liked, especially their "Suburban Rebels" Lp.
This is pretty much a disposable sample record from Taang.

01 - One Common Voice
02 - One Thing Left To Say


No Survivors - In Japanese - Demo-CDR - 2004

I don't really know anything about this band I just got the demo when I brought some 7" records from Punk And Destroy.

Pretty much just UK 80's influenced punk played a bit faster, enjoyable never the less.

01 - Chron Gen Youth
02 - No Punx
03 - Eregular

Virus - It's Not What It Appears 7" - 2013

Originally active in the early to mid 1980's they released two demo tapes and had a song featured on Mortarhate Records "We Won't Be Your Fucking Poor" dblp (I have this ripped and will post at some stage). They then disbanded and reformed early 2010-11 and released a CD on Active in 2011.

This single is great and sounds straight out of the 80's UK scene. Released as part of All The Madmen's singles series from last year.

01 - Nuclear? No Thanks
02 - Fallacy

All The Madmen Records

Dead Kennedys - Holiday In Cambodia 7" - 2014

One of my favourite Dead Kennedys singles, I remember blasting Holiday in Cambodia when I was at High School, such a great song.
This is the remastered 2014 version from the Box Set.

01 - Holiday In Cambodia
02 - Police Truck